this issue is old, realy old. it may not look good, and may not be easy to understand, with the aid of my poor english, and lack of good expressions. but i hope you can read this and at least take a lesson. its a plain story. nothing to feel like OMG WHAT A FUKKEN CHARACTER or… let us begin, shall we?

what is real?did you already made this question?
its true that the light shines,
and the dark of the darkness is so obvius,
but,since light and darkness are simple words,
dont you think that i can scramble then,and make the light darkness,and the darkness light?
the world is based in what we can see and touch,isnt it? feeling the wind,its part of touching it.
emotions they are real or not?after all love can be hatred,and yet,hatred can be love.
what you can see with your eyes,maybe isnt the same thing i can see with mine,
so let us embark on this adventure,about the world,about the reality.

truth is,if i can walk at the shore,then i know that the shore is there,but someone who live at the mountais,he knows
that the shore is there?probably yes,but he doenst know nothing about being in the shore.

Story 1 – The Hole

walking along the coast,the gentle wind of summer,the sun shining,the sea wavering,a enormous peace.alone,but happy to be,
the days pass,and every day i walk along the coast.
today while walking i found a tiny cave,more like a hole inside a stone,i didint entered it,no way,i told myself that place
could be a animal’s house or something.
the other day i walking along the coast,that little cave is there,of course,i wanted to go in,but still i told that
place could be a nest to some kind of animal.
another day walking along the coast,the same little cave,today i tryied entering that little,there’s no animal inside
its just a hole,but damn its very huge inside,i keep entering,amazingly the light could reach so far inside that tiny hole,
wonder why…
anyway,while walking i found something like a tree inside the hole,how that tree grow inside of that hole? no surprise it
be so tiny,but its not the end of the hole,it goes even deep.should i keep going?

i decided to go,even knowing that it’ll take more time to return,and maybe the people of the village could get mad on me.
whatever like i care about that folks getting mad on me,lets just keep going more and more far!

i walked about a hour since the tree,nothing amazing i found,but i dont feel like returning,and the cave,yes now i will call
this a cave! well the cave goes even deeper,how could such a little entrance goes this wide,i mean,elephants could dance here
another hour passed,i reached in the end of the cave,a underground lake,with a underground waterfall,grass,trees, and believe
wind blowing! what the hell was this place?

who could think that such a little hole can hold such a marvelous place,something is shining inside the waterfall,better
leave it alone… or not… what should i do? return home,or explore this shine? better return home,its late and i have to
return all this way.

i returned home,and stayed shut about the place i found today.