next year, 3/9/2010 to be exact, there is a new universe coming to us. ITS SERIOUS! ITS ANOTHER FINAL FANTASY WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! and by many elements at this blog you can easly say that im a huge fan of the series.

this time, im out of the gen, how sad im not able to play FFXIII, but hold! who said im giving up?
TODAY MY FRIENDS, I SAW A VIDEO AT THE OLD GOOD SQUARE-ENIX MENBERS SITE. rarther old, i believe most of you have already saw but, awesome, i was stunned by every little graphical element. also, looking the battle system made it look cool. cant be sure because i had not played it yet but who cares, im a UNCONDITIONAL fan of the series. thats why im either getting or a PS3 or a Xbox360.