Chapter two – Chilling Sorrow, Burning Passion – The Promise made to the skies

Without stopping, Annalot runed, she had no idea where she was going. tears on her eyes, anger on her heart, they burned as she keep running.
after a long time running, Annalot finaly reached a dead end. there was a single fountain and the windows of the houses all closed. the skies were dark. Annalot lost all her strength and fell down upon her knees
“why?” from the depths of her heart, the sadness could be transformed in a single word. then the young lady looked up to the skies, and asked again. “why?” she waited for a answer, but there were no response at all. Not giving up, Annalot asked again to the skies, “why…” and she shouted “WHY!!!”, suddenly, a few drops of water have fallen upon the young lady’s face. then the rain fell down. and with the rain, Annalot’s eyes started to water.
“cursed be all those women, all cowards, its all their fault” looking to the skies, while gently the tears started to fall from her face.”if they were not this submissive, i could fulfill my dream… i could be brave, more than any men ever dreamed to be.” then she looked at her hands “but look at those hands… frail, and small, all weak, they cant handle a sword either a spear. they cant resist the heat of the battle” and so she saw her reflection at the fountain ” look at this face, who would fear it? it looks like a flower in blossom.” she sat down in the rain, and watched it fall “and soon my breasts will start to grow… then i will never be able to be a knight” the sadness reached a point that the girl covered her face and cried desperately.
after a time Annalot could hear a couple of boys talking little far, they were talking about a tournament, which the winner would be chosen to learn the ways of the blade. it echoed at the girl’s heart. the tears stopped to drop. Annalot looked up to the skies. and then she said “is it my chance? the chance im waiting for since my father passed away?” she then looked at the fountain, seeing her reflex at the water, her eyes became sharp as a eagle’s. Annalot stood up. “I am Annalot” she said ” and yes im a women. but not ordinary women!” the fire returned to burn at her heart, and with the sparkles of this fire she pronounced ” I am going to be not only the first women knight, but the greatest of them”.
Annalot went home, her mother was at the bed, probably fell asleep crying. Annalot took a knife and looking at the mirror, she cut her long and beautiful hair, short as a men. she changed her clothes so she could be mistaken as one.
looking at the mirror, Annalot said.
” for a long time, i will be no longer Annalot, but… what the name i will be called now?” looking trough the room, Annalot found the name. the chosen name was…
“Russel, thats the name they will know me now.”
Annalot went downstairs, took a piece of paper, some charcoal and wrote her mother a letter. in the letter the words could be read:

dont expect to see me again so soon mother, i love you, but i cant let my dream die. im no longer a kid. yes, you were right, but by the wrong means. im leaving this letter to you, so you can know how much i loved you and dad. im leaving home, not as Annalot, but as another person. mom,could you please keep Annalot deep in your heart for me? im counting on you.
wait for the day i return. and if i dont return, dont worry, you will know about me. somehow you will.

Your Dear Beloved Daughter Annalot

Then she left, without any regret at all, one thing was with her, her ribbon attached to her arm. so one day, she could be Annalot Again.