again the same periodot repeats itself, i wonder why people get so upseted by a thing that is happening for YEARS.

im talking about summer school. since i like to take the life easy, i dont realy give a damn to school. i hate having to go there, nobody to talk, nothing interesting, just lots of kids who think that are grow up and teachers complaining about the same stuff(since the 1st grade). but thats not the point.

the big problem is about what parents think about this, listen this is my view of the problem, it may differ to everyone else.
1st of all, they know that i will be approved, they know that ill not give them nothing to worry at all. somehow it just CANT be fixed on their minds. stubborn people, arg they drive me mad, at those times you can tell the diference between the real me, and the person they know, and boy its huge. WHY THERE IS A DIFERENCE? WELL THATS SIMPLE TO STATE!

its due a gap, created by their ignorance, since my sister was born they never listened to what i have to say, no matter how important it is, those two just hear what they want to hear, thats why i try always to keep the biggest distance from them. same thing always happening, i cant believe that it repeats every single year. they know how it will end, and yet they’re dieing for it. i just frankly cant believe.

yeah you bet, and because of it they will create many little problems who have nothing to do with me and the summer school at all. while they get mad with a person that never existed. i just want to know who the hell they think i am. the first problem already has been set. just wait, just wait.