so, its december, the end of the year draws near. i think i made a nice choice creating this space since im using it a lot. it might be odd since im writing in english, im not a native speaker, i dont even had any english school at all. the english at school is ok but… i realy dont like learning things that way, its always directed to the tests, and only to the tests. you dont have any orientations or anything. ah anyway.

december is a month when im usually start to think about many stupid and useless stuffs. now im quite concerned about my stuffs, stories, aims, dreams. well dreams i dont have, aims are all stupid aims that im never going after. they’re all simple aims. playing guitar, learning how to draw, and now im interested in finding a style or developing my storytelling whatever comes, i dont care much. i just dont want to let my works this plain.

oh yeah, last night at this point i was wondering about many things, i looked at my room and i found that, many stuff around were given to me by older people. you know, when they pass down things. i was with nothing to do, didnt wanted to play anything on the DS so… i started searching for something on my bookshelf. i found a book called “the book of the young” its a… i dont know i have never read such kind of book. it was like a lecture. now i know that is a religious book. its kind of nice it talks about lots of interesting things. at least to me.

after reading its first chapter, then think a little about it. i suddenly started to look to my room. something came to my mind it was “wow, why im always getting the stuff that takes time and pratice to master. most youngs of our family gets things like tables, mirrors, storybooks, im always taking the things that needs time and pratice, that means something at all?”

i can say im a useless lazy bum, i like to watch the sunset and feel the breeze of the wind, i hate system i hate having to think about work, study and so on. im the kind of person that most people hates. the careless kind. i like to take everything easy. so why people did those mistakes? i dont know. but im pleased that they give me something to do.

oh yeah… living it the easy way