thats how its done, today i was suposed to go school and other things but i didnt went any of those. mom believed it was a holiday, for all the establishments but it wasnt like this.

but, i wasnt any good anyway, last night was hard, a great anguish attacked me, so i couldnt sleep much. i dont know why, i had nothing in my mind, i wasnt even remenbering the past. i was quiet, waiting the moment i would fall asleep.
i have wonders, many wonders, about this city. its huge, yet, i know many places from here.
i want to talk now about distance. i think my life can be divided by 3 great periods, the first being when i was realy young, before my 6 years then after 6, and Ivalice. i call like this because it realy started the first time i played FFT

the golden part was between after 6 and Ivalice, most during the after 6 period. last night i wondered something that, maybe could bring all those demons back. the year before i changing school, to my old one, my sister was born. she was born at a hospital on the same area as my old school was. in fact, my old school was behind this hospital.
i dont know, some people call it fate, some people call it coincidence, its a fact that makes me think about my life.
the best years i spent was there, i have no regrets about that phase. the best friends i met, i met in that school. the best stories, the best noons, everything was connected to that school. now its far away from my home. my friends are far. everyone who i love, and loved are far. i just have by my side, and i dont know if they’re realy at it. are my family. and i cant just stand with it. i feel faint. i think its enough.