Chapter 3 – The First Steep

its dark, and the boy suposed to be Russel is wandering the city, searching a place to hide.
soon, he felt tired, and decided to stop and sleep at the cold streets of the city. Have you wondered how cold is to sleep at the streets? and even more, in “Russel’s” situation without even a piece of something to protect “him” from the cold winds of the night. Sleeping never was that hard. and sure, sleeping in the streets means that when the sun rises up on the horizons, you should wake up. And face yet another problem. Hunger.

Luck is that Annalot was never  a girl of eating much. She never had the breakfast, meaning this, probably Russel wont feel the hunger.
Sunrise, the birds start to sing the song of morning. Slowly the cold streets started to feel a little warmer. Russel woke up with the bright sun. To soon, face a big problem about that day. The tounament was suposed to start at the evening, no problems since no entry fee was necessary. But it was necessary to at least register yourself at the tournament. Russel dashed through the streets, nearly soaring.
Arriving the place you could notice the preparations, Russel registred him at the tournament, but something was missing, Russel took a look arround, everyone had a weapon at hands. You could see professional daggers, spears,swords, shields, even complete armor sets you could see. At a burgh, a place full of rich people, you could at least expect this. Now the problem appeared at Russel’s mind:
“… How i am suposed to fight those people without a weapon!?!?!? Why did i had to forgot taking even a knife at home before coming here!?!?!? ARG! Im totaly screwed! I have to find something, fast.”
What a task. You could look everywhere, without money you hardly would be able to get a knife. Truth is, Russel was so decided, that his mind was blind at the moment he leaved home. After wandering arround searching for something. Russel sat down at a bench. Just to notice something on his pocket.
“What the… its a scissors!” you must be wondering, is he realy going to fight using just scissors? Well its better than nothing.
So the noon fell down, and Russel wondered how he was going to fight just using those scissors, he spent the entire day trying to figure out ways of using the scissors to fight, such tiny tool could be used to harm. From noon to evening,  it was somehow dark, so noticing the scissors on the boy’s hands was hard.
time passed, and Russel’s name was called. After watching some battles he could feel that it wasnt going to be much hard.
The first oponent had a mace on hands. Perfect, such a heavy weapon, at least, heavy at a kid’s hands, would give Russel’s Scissors light and stealth kind, a advantage. The battle began, the boy with a mace tried to run, the mace was heavy, not much speed he could get. Russel stood still waiting the strike to come. The mace boy striked from above, a direct smash attack aimed to Russel’s head. Russel just give a steep to the side and avoided the entire damage, and using the moment, he also kicked the mace boy’s ass, he just lost all his balance, and fell down with the head hitting the floor hard.
Everyone laughed, and Russel was with a bitch’s smile on the face. The mace boy  stood up in fury, and tryed to swing the mace, he swinged once, Russel steeped backward, the boy swinged twice, Russel repeated the last action. The boy yet swinged once more. Russel lowered bellow the mace patch and stood forward a little, drawing the little Scissors and trusting it in the mace boy’s belly. Feeling the pain the mace boy just let the mace fly and steeped backward. Russel stood up and kicked the injuried belly. The boy fell down. Russel decided to not give chase anymore. The battle was over.
The night was long, Russel have battled five times, as everyone, at least, everyone who managed until that point. The last part of the tournament consisted in a everyone versus everyone fight. Eveyone was with a good weapon. Spears, Swords. Russel managed until now against those weapons, but his opponents until now couldn’t even swing the damn weapons properly. Talk about easy matches. But not now… a boy in armor wielding a blade. kind of a sword but much lighter. A fat axe boy, a spear boy, and Russel.
the battle has began. The three boys dashed to the center of the arena, Russel pretended to, but he stood back. just watching the boys fight. The boy in armor dealed a blow in the fat one, who layed on the ground with the first hit. so the spear boy rushed and trusted the spear on the floor, using it as impulse to fly a kick on the armor boy’s head. Both fighted for a minute. Then the armor boy dealed a blow with his arm at the head of the spear boy, and then dealed a blow from above on the spear’s boy shoulder who avoided half strike. After those two strikes he stood up for  two seconds then fell down.
Now it was Russel and the armor boy. Russel fastly throwed the scisors at the head of the armored boy, tho dodged. Using it as a chance, Russel took the spear from the spear boy.
Russel was wielding the spear, he stood still waiting the armored boy to attack. No movements from both sides. Five seconds later, the armored boy rushed with his blade. Russel waited for the right moment, then performed a dodge roll to the right side of the armored boy. Russel kicked the armored boy who moved backwards. Then russel tried to trust the spear on the armored boy, but he just went forward dodging the spear, aiming Russel’s shoulder.
Russel lowered a way the blade couldnt reach and then performed another dodge roll to the left side. Using the cable of the spear, russel knocked the armored boy on the head, the boy nearly feel a little stunt, the battle keept in this flow, with for 5 minutes. The armored boy started to feel the weight of the armor upon his shoulders. His movements started to look slower than at the start of the combat. Seeing this, russel ran backwards to the corner of the arena. There was a wooden fence. Then he waited for the armored boy to come. Decided to end this in a single blow, and looking the position of the adversary, without thinking much, he ran. Russel waited for the right moment and seeing the adversary running as a crazy with the sword on the top of this head, Russel dodged the attack by contouring the adversary watching he hitting the wooden fence, and getting the blade stuck. That was Russel’s chance. He started bashing the armored boy’s head so fast that in 10 seconds, the boy fell down unconscious.
Panting Russel said “thi- this is it? is he realy defeated? i did it?” Russel kicked the boy’s head so hard that even he felt the pain.
“ouch! Yep, he is indeed defeated.” the people started screaming, the cheers could be hear at long distance. Russel had won! and better, from now on, Russel was a knight apprentice. and as one, he was going to live in the castle. with the other knights, learning the way. The first steep on Russel’s life, no better, the first steep on Annalot’s Dreams was done.
and, after all this, Russel felt something very familiar. he was totally hungry.