listening to Stary sky – HAL, i started to remenber ealy 2008, at that periodot it was made 2 years since i changed school, everything was going without many problems, i was little sad, but, nothing to complain about

to those who are wondering what the hell is it, the context is simple:

that time i was watching Angelic Layer, wich i never ended watching but i own the 5 mangás. Stary Sky is the first ending, i think is quite bealtiful, also cute, but whatever

so… this song i first heard it in early 2008 and i still love it a lot. things changed like the wild, many good things happened at that time. i joined some forums and met new people, made many friends expanded my knowledge also started with my favorite game of all time Okami, and i meet a important person at my life. it was a awesome first semester. i also made a realy good friend at the new school, haha silly it was at my second year at that pile of junk.
i started and finished Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, wich changed me a lot. also i had my first classes at the A.I.S graphical computation school. what a prizing first semester

near august i meet a girl, i call her by Ki-chan where Ki stands for a kanji meaning strenght will resolution, its a strong and meaningful kanji. believe she brings me all those things. then august came i became very next to her and i also cultivated a strong dream of growing up and going to work on Square-Enix as a writer, game designer or/and  something at the scenary and background division.

the time passed in september i joined the, at this time, everything was going ok, i was sad with some stuff, but people ofered many help and suport, im happy they were nearby, so thank you everyone. if family is something dear to you, then feel like part of my family.

at the end of the year i watched THE ANIME OF MY LIFE the one who made me cry, made me laugh, made me worry, made me feel sad, happy, the anime toyed with my emotions and feelings. the name of this anime is Clannad. once i finished it i started the SECOND ANIME OF MY LIFE, Clannad After Story. the end of the year was drawing near. serious problems started to spot, but somehow everyone was near me, helping, giving me support. i just cant be so thankful to those persons because it goes above human’s capatbilities.

the year ended, i meet with two curious ladies, Yuki, and Nanda, two friends of mine who played Melty Blood like LIONESSES talk about skills. i loved playing with then, until they sudenly, disapeared.

well, 2009 was the worst year, my friend changed from school, i moved to a new place that i didnt liked much beloved people disapeared from my sigh, there was a stupid nerd driving me mad, and everything crashed a bad way, i dont want to talk about it. the only thing that holded me until now was: my ds which i was gifted on march, and my dear friend Ki-chan, which… just disapeared.

… and im under summer school. making final tests, i know im going to be approved but, still im sad.