long ago, gramma had a house, it was just in front of a beach, through it was not the most beautiful shore i ever saw, it has its value.

there i learned something. even a desolated mountain, or a dark cave is more mysterious than the shore. during the day, calm and tranquil, fresh winds blowing and the faint smell of the sea that i could feel when at the beach’s sands. its from the golden age. at night, the sky fades in the sea and both looks like a a single thing. the darkness of the water and the skies together forms something like a dark hole without edges.

the mysteries, why i  mentioned them? well, the shore doesnt have places to hide its mysteries, and they are so many, you need to spent more than a single year near it to learn a part of its mysteries. also every beach have its own sets of mysteries. im talking about its sands and about its waters. i grow up by many shores, and i still living by them, i know many issues but still those shores keep impressing me with new things every day. and the refreshing breeze plus blue skies and a bright sun. together they make everything better, no matter how bad was the day.

the golden age, i call it like this because i have no regreets of anything, and because of the happiness and peace. no competitions, no stupid elitists nerds and such stuff,  it was just me, the sea, the skies and the stars.

there is a bonus: