My Skies Above – Ayame Shiokazu

looking deep into the blue of my skies.
something was calling, a faint voice in the air.
wings, if i had a pair, i would just throw me away.
without any regreets far i would throw me astray.

the faint calling that came from the heights.
oh, sweet voice, i wish you could take me away.
for this reality is not meant to me.
without any regreets, i would accept it in haste.

but accursed i am
for my feet are bound to the land
i need a way to break free.
and take me to the heights, a place where i want to be.

wings, for the winds i pray, give me a pair
sick from the ground, my heart wants to break apart
oh, be them made of silver, so i can fly to the sun
and at night, dance with the moon.

feelings, emotions, i could let the wind blow
for in the skies, no weight can follow
rules, those are for you earthlings
because in the sky, everything is free

Leaving those lands, with my silver wings
oh, be it not a dream, for i want to ride the wind.
this city is too boring, nothing can keep me here
above from the skies, i will curse it.

the bounds to the ground, are cut, are dead.
sadness, sorrow, no bad feeling at least.
just emotions of joy, and freedom at my heart.
even the fear of the death, cant worry me at least.

try, dream that you are on the skies.
for higher and higher your heart will try to fly.
dont worry for on the skies you cant get lost.
you would trade your city, for yours…

Skies Above.