Trials and Tribulations sire!(ode to the Ace Attorneys) – Ayame Shiokazu

i call the witnesses at the stand
state name and occupation
and the trial may began

words i may not believe
testimony is nothing but gibberish
trying to cover the truth
all lies i will expose with my brush

hold it, your statement is unclear!
objection, there was a contradiction!
take that, its the truth what i came to show!

the courtroom is a mess!
people crying out loud there!
what the hell were is he thinking?
objection, its my time to raise!

Hold it!
Hold it right there!
not so fast hiding the truth from me!
because through lies i sure can see!

the end is near, its just the time for the final blow
court is in silence.
the hammer slams
prossecution says:
not guilty is that guy! DAMN!