autumn at the my skies, many things have changed, and the leaves are starting to fall red;

to begin with, here at this country there are not a true autumn but, i still love the foreign colors of this season, thats why at least at my skies, its autumn and the leaves are falling red.

now, i have found the most important person in the whole universe, the person that means everything to me.
but still many dark things are still happening, seems that im facing the last battle of this war, i hope, i realy hope for it.

im tired of fighting all day and night against all those sorrows and sadnesses, against all those scums that the world call persons, im tired of all this, im tired of this cold, im tired of every little thing.

mom is going to have yet another kid, this must be a signal of the last battle, this battle i will fight with full strenght. and im not alone anymore, but still. i dont have will of living in those halls that i call home. it not even worth to be called home. i want to run away from here, but its a battle and i have to win.

what should i do?