The Little Prince Tale – Shiokazu Ayame

This is the story of my life. try to understand, please;

somewhere in the world, there was a kingdom, made of peace and happiness.
this kingdom had a royal family, and the only heir to the throne, a little prince, tho was dear to everyone lived there in the kingdom.
the little prince lived in joy until 6, when a sister was coming to the world.
everyone was eager for the coming, the prince was too, and they waited the long period of time.
Finally the day had come.  the girl was born, poor prince, little he knew of the shadow that was cast upon him

Chapter one – The Shadow has been cast upon your head, little prince.

the young one could feel it from the very start, but as only a child,  he could tell that the darkness has been cast on him.
from the first days, the prince was being fooled by himself, nobody was giving attention to him, being him hungry, sleepy, bored, anything at all, this time he knew a new thing

It was the Chill. cold and sharp, as a blade.  it hit once, and the first wound was made.

time passed, the prince was becoming nothing but just someone else in the halls. oblivion, was the second new thing he meet, and it was dark and hallow. slowly he fell into oblivion.

two long years of chill and oblivion the prince lived. believing that it was just temporary, foolish fool, was him, they nearly forgot about his anniversary, but on the third year. they not just forgot about his anniversary, but he had become nothing but someone else, and was trowed away from the castle.

he worked hard, was only a child but strong and fair of heart he was, and become a knight of the castle, always serving then, and giving then protection. always doing his best, until he realized; “they dont want me anymore, do they? its not my place anymore, my place was with my family, not in the military ranks.”

the prince decided to return the castle, and spoke with his father, the king, the king listened to him in anger, because he didnt knew that knight and what he the knight spoke was of serious matter. the King also made a spear of ice, and trusted it into the knight’s chest, impaled the little knight without mercy;

the king banished the prince, and the prince learned: ” home, i dont have it anymore, nobody wants me there.” he stole a horse,  a light armor, his weapon was the ice spear itself, and like the wind he set a run, fast as the wind, to the far lands of this kingdom.

Chapter two –  the Nightfall
chill, sorrow, oblivion, sadness, loneliness those were the things inside the knight’s heart he fough many battles alone, got hurt many times and cried alone many times, he learned to live alone, and only alone.

in his travel, the prince met other warriors of valor, they became the most precious friends to the young knight, they were everything to the young knight. and every joy, happiness, tear, sorrow, cry, every battle, every task, anything.
they were along, to aid, to help, to give strength. for long years they were together. until the knight made 12.

a huge war came to the world, the young knight was torn apart from his friends. he drifted alone, again in sorrow and chill, he entered in a cold area, where the sun never rose, and the moon was always high on the sky. beasts were stronger than ever, and he fought, wounds were made deeper and painful, nobody was there to hear his cries no home, no rest, battle after battle, in the snow, in the chill of a never ending winter, under a dark sky without stars.

demons started to appear, they were stronger than anything, the knight was tired of all, of fighting, of wounds, of snow, of sorrow, of loneliness tired of all that world, he was tired of being alive. but he keep fighting hope he never had. he was dead inside, just a corpse fighting with fear of death. but dead it was already, inside.

his armor become dark from the blood mixed, the knight’s, beast’s and demon’s blood. all mixed in his armor, it become dark. dark also, become the heart of the knight, and a dark knight he become, bringing terror and death upon everything that was alive in that place. his horse, became a nightmare, made of dark fire and bones, with red eyes shining in the darkness, he was the vision of terror death and pain. his legend was sang in many places of the world, as the dark terror.

many came to kill the dark terror, many died trying. no tears the dark knight spared. never a word came from his mouth. a soulless being he was.

Chapter 3 – The Sunrise
years passed and darker was the shadow of this terror upon the frozen lands. but, a maiden, alone, appeared in the ice lands of the dark terror.
without fear, for she knew the same suffering  the poor dark being was being haunted; the first time the dark lord spoke tears, was when she talked with him, and showed mercy.
she fought alongside him, helped him to make all those darkness go away. three long years they passed together.
but one day the dark knight couldnt find the maiden. for long days he searched her, and nothing he found.
he told that everything was getting colder, and the night darker.
wrong he was, when the maiden found the dark knight again, she brought with her something long forgotten to the dark knight.

it was the sun. it brought smile back to the knight’s mind. his soul started to burn anew, from the aches of the darkness inside his heart. there was born yet another one, The Paladin, strong and decided, with strength new.

he broke the ice spear, and a crystal sword he rose to the skies.

and so, continues the story of the little prince