Chapter four – Aria, Irivine and Annalot

after the tournament, hungry and tired, there was Russel. victorious, the warrior amongst all the other ones. the chosen as a new knight. a ceremony started short after the tournament ended, there the king, the Gunther, and all the other commanders and important officers in the kingdom military were present.
it was a long ceremony, for all the knights of the kingdom were focused in one single square. Russel could feel how giant was the army of the kingdom, for not only of knights it was made.
the young “man” was called by the king, he went directly to him, so the king spoke:
“you who are victorious among those young warriors, you may bow before my authority now.” Russel bowed before the king. his heart was singing of happiness, finally, a knight. The king draw his sword and put it upon Russel’s head;
“you who bow before me, god smile upon you, for now, you may become a knight. But before being one, you must swear those words, take then within your heart, and live by them, and only by them. speak, oh young spirit, are you up to this? Speak in one single word”
Russel answered: “yes”
“then you may swear those words, First of all, a knight must follow justice, you may never hurt the weak, you may oppose those who defy  the law, be it god’s or man’s, a knight may never be weak of heart, the strength of a knight resides inside his heart, not in the sword, a knight must be brave, never fear pain nor death, a knight must thrust his friends, and bring  justice to his foes, may never bring doom, if its not necessary, a Knight must be light and simple of spirit, and must by all means believe in what is right to him”
finishing those words, the king slaped Russel’s face hard.
“and this, is for you to never forget those words. Now Knight, rise and speak your name, out loud, so your friends and your foes might recognize you” Russel hesitated;
“what name should i speak?” was Russel’s thoughts  ” i am Russel? or i am Annalot? who i am? what name should i speak?”
the king then said again “Rise knight, show no fear of death nor pain!”
” Russel is my name fair sire! Russel!”
” Russel what? ” spoke the king
” just Russel fair sire, i have no father nor mother. ”
” Then your name is now Russel Lonewolf, for lone was your life until now”
all the knights present there cryied a cheerful” AHAAAA MATE! ” the streets had shaken with such strenght. and Russel’s heart was filled with joy. but was it Russel’s heart or Annalot’s heart?
following the ceremony, inside the castle at the walls a huge party was being celebrated, in honor of the new Knight, but something deep inside his, or rather her heart’s started to call. Russel retreated to a silent place, a garden filled with red roses, deep green were its leaves, and the night sky was starry, giant was the moon, and there was a small pound. there the wind blew gently and so, Russel laid down the on grass.
“Russel, i am Russel now? or i am still Annalot? tell me moon, who i am? ” a bit sad the answer came quickly “… but of course, i am still Annalot, i cannot end being a girl, this is something i can never deny, right?” Annalot pointed the stars ” i wonder how mother is doing, even through i am surrounded by so much nice and fair people, they think im someone else, they dont know who i really am.” she looked to the roses and smiled ” red are those roses, maybe someday i will be beautiful as they are, now i have to act as a man, but how long i will manage? ”
the Gunther came to the gardens, and found Annalot laying around, The Gunther spoke: ” Russel, come, there is a party for you here, everyone is drinking, eating, singing, dancing, playing, come and have fun comrade! tomorrow will be work and only work for a long time.”
“oh, right sir, just a little bit more here please, i will attend the party soon”
“no need for this” said the Gunther ” you dont have to call me by Gunther when his majesty is not arround, the name is Reon” spoke the gunther.
“Reon Sir, i am going, be sure of it ” said the little Ann
” aye mate ” the Gunther was gone.
night was of party and fun, games and songs, everyone lasted until the sunrise in joy. but Annalot, who had something hurting a little inside her heart. the only woman between all those mans, yet she was not afraid of it, she was glad, glad that she was now, a knight.
the first day at the castle, there was  her, ready at the first hours of the day, but came the messeger and said “no need of you now Russel, you might go to the stables, today is yet another special day for you”
fast Russel rushed to the stables, there was a knight, with short and red hair, tall as a tree and wearing a white armor, he did not waited, and soon as possible he stated his name post and task. “My name is Baramae, i am the second in the command of  the Kingdom Chivalry, my task is assign a weapon to you, now young man, what weapon you would like to use?” Russel pointed the sword, Baramae laughed “its too heavy and huge for such young man, pick up another” Russel pointed the Axe, baramae laughed yet again ” its way too broad and slow for such a small person, alas i doubt of your strength, pick up yet another” Russel stood still, thinking about the weapons in his disposition, and then he pointed the daggers, Baramae smiled ” those are your aid, two daggers, one is the justice, and you may hold it in the right hand, other is faith, and you might bear it with the left hand.” Russel understood, and took the daggers dear to him, but before anything, baramae also spoke ” but thou might not be able to stand the enemy with just a knife. there is no fucking way you could beat foes with just daggers, those are dear to you, but to survival alone, not for battle”
Baramae smiled and said: ” there, your weapon is the Spear, swiftly and deadly, the spear may pierce lies and darkness, and may bring upon your foes terror and nightmare, hold it, day and night, and it will hold you battle after battle, never forget, the spear strike sooner than the sword, swifter than the axe, stronger than the hammer”
“now you may linger at will at the castle, its your day off”
Annalot wandered at free will within the castle’s walls. she found in a high outer wall hall’s a silent and tranquil place to be herself at least for a short time. she stared the view, what a beautiful view of all the houses and far, fields and mountains, forests, rivers she could see everything under the bright blue sky. she stayed long at that hall, until sunset. there she pondered.
“i have left home, didnt i? without even thinking about it, but… now… somehow i miss it. i miss mother homemade food, i miss Cecilia and everyone else. i am so near home, but i cant go there. those walls wont allow me to dwell outside.” wind came gently, as the sun was setting down behind the mountains she keept there, thinking of her life until the very moment she became a knight.
“a knight i am? i am really a knight? or is Russel a knight?” she spoke this riddle ” as Annalot i still cant be a knight.” she gave a look at her spear and spoke those words ” i am far from home, i miss some things but, im living a dream now, is that something that i should regret? deny marriage and family, deny everything in order to fulfill my dream? what i am? what the hell i am doing? speaking with a spear, can it even listen to what i am saying?”
“… the spear, that i do not know, but i can.”
Annalot went from her usual pinkish tone from a real white in a blink of a eye.
“w-who and where are you?”
“do not fear” a maid showed up ” i have listened to you, Annalot.” the maid gave a smile ” Irivine is my name, and do not fear lady Annalot, you secret is well guarded inside my heart, you know lady, from the place i came, weapons are alive, they burn with fire inside, for they have came from fire, and it still burning inside them. give proper treatment to your spear, alright?”
Annalot gave a smile “so, Irivine, i should give her a name?”
” her? who?” Irivine asked.
” the spear, she is yet another maiden if you’re right, and it makes three of us” annalot said “so, what name should i give her?”
Irivine looked the skies and replied ” Annalot, the Sunset and Sunrise are the same, the only difference is that they are each other looking through a mirror”
“Aria then, its her name, Aria” pround was Annalot
“what a nice name ” smiled Irivine “Aria, i think she might be happy now”
“no doubt she is, no doubt” said Annalot with a gentle smile
the two maidens, sorry, the three maidens stayed there looking to the skies, watching the stars and gazing the moon.
and so, the first true friend of Annalot Showed up, a girl who she could speak and be a girl. she was glad, and relieved.