Chapter Five – First Job

It has been three months since the rise of the new knight. Russel was being trained day by day in many different disciplines, among them he was being lectured of laws, science, and geography. a knight need wisdom above the average, or else, he is a mere soldier. he was being teached archery and chivalry too. a spear knight usually fights mounted. if in foot, they are called counter chivalry. rather weak against swordsman. so thats why the more knowledge they have, the higher is the wining probability.
in those three months Russel was being trained inside the castle, the castle being a huge place, had five fortresses around it. the castle had a cultural complex, a research facility, a military complex, a gastronomic  complex also two lakes and a huge forest. whose either Russel and Annalot never ventured inside.
it was morning, sun was yet going to rise up in the skies. Annalot was still asleep in her room, when a messenger come at her doors and started to knock.
” Russel, hey Russel, wake up, today you will attend your first job as a knight. ”
Annalot flashed out her bed, if not eager for her first job, fearing the fact that she was looking entirely like a girl. she changed and took Aria, and with the messenger she went to the main fortress, it was more like the military office of the kingdom, there Annalot was guided to a room on the backyard of the fortress.
there she meet Baramae again, he was laughing with the other knights.
” Sir ” said the messeger ” there he is, do you need anything else sir? ”
” nay, Pelep. you may go now, its a Knight’s affair from now on ”
” acknowledged  sir ” said Pelep the messenger
Annalot was starring to everyone with sleepy eyes. questions on her head were ” why so early”, “what kind of task is it?”, but it didn’t lasted longer, Baramae soon started to speak.
” now now my Knights, this young one is Russel our newest member,  let us give him the cheers! ”
everyone complimented  Annalot with full energy, she didn’t knew yet why such cheer, but she was glad and smiled trying to maintain a boyish way. it was hard for a girl like her to keep being a boy in such mood.
” umm… may i ask you something Sir Baramae? ” said Annalot
” go on young Russel. ”
” its good to be cheered like this at morning, im glad but… why do i am being cheered for? ”
” you has been admitted in the Squad Twelve, you are tagged as a Guard Knight rank, its pretty much like being a elite knight from the start. you’re a young lucky bastard you know? ”
” oh alright, a guard… like a… ” Annalot stopped and pondered about it, without much delay she shouted ” W-what did you said right now sir? i think im still asleep, i heard you saying that i am at… ”
Baramae interrupted her
” nay russel, you heard well, being a guard is almost being like a elite knight. and you’re a City Guard Knight. its more than just a castle guard or anything else. you are the final defenses of the innocent people of this kingdom. ”
Annalot sighed, for her it was a heavy first burden to take, and also, why so early in the morning? it might be two to three ours before the sun rises.
” now, i may speak the real deal to you. ” baramae spoke in a serious tune
” real deal sir? ”
” our real task now, listen Russel, there is a Assassin out in our city, this guy is working for a merchant guild, yet we dont know any more details, but all his targets until now were important people of other merchant guilds. He simply kill them and leave, dogs cant catch his scent, he doesnt leave anything, but his killing methods are always the same. we are out to search and kill him. thats our order. ”
Annalot stood silent, she was shocked knowing that her first job was to take a Assassin out. wasnt that a little too much for such inexperienced knight? she objected.
” Sir, i do not think im qualified to such task yet. im still a newbie at our ranks and i do not have fought any battle before so… ”
” i understand your concern young Russel ” baramae said while taking a stick from the ground and starting to drawn a picture ” listen Russel the guard squads are split in a order so that we can have days to rest. there are ten guard squads and we are split in a period of  four days, two squads are out per time, one takes the north section, other takes the south section, we the Squad twelve are out to the north section, the Oak Square. ”
” the Rich District ? ”
” Correct young one. Now, our teams work in parties of two persons plus a backup. you will be with those two mans here. ” Baramae pointed to a golden haired knight, with red eyes, his face was scary like a beast ” this guy is Enrich, know as Red Beast, not only his looks but his behavior in battle is of a beast. he will be your backup.”
” if anything happens, just call out for me, and i will be there fast as the wind. ”
” uh… nice to meet you too ” said Annalot
” and this fine guy here is Melmer ” Baramae grabs a tall officer with a spear in hands, he had a somehow long dark hair and his eyes were blue, almost looked like they were lit ” he is know as shooting black star, he is fast, man he is fast, also his swing can kill horses with a single blow, and that is true! i saw it with my own eyes! ”
” now now Bara, its not like a miracle, that was almost like a lucky shoot ” said the tall man Melmer ” nice to meet you young Russel, i will be your partner in this task, i will be right beside you so theres nothing to fear ”
” But Still ” said Baramae ” Russel has no battle experience and above all things, he may be skilled but is lack of instinct. it will be dificult to him. also,  im concerned of one more thing. ”
” what is it sir? ” Annalot asked
” see, think of yourself as a bait, you are the newest knight. lack of experience and instinct. you’re a easy target ”
” what? ”
” yes, but there is a advantage, your identity will be hidden by the armor, so nothing much to fear ”
” and we will be there Russel ” said Melmer ” nothing to fear at all ”
She was relieved, astonished, but relieved.
” we shall depart now. to the gates there is our transport “