Chapter Six – the Assault

The sun had not risen yet, and out to the duty was the Squad twelve. the Team Altair, Annalot, or rather, Russel, Melmer and Enrich were positioned at the center of a huge residential park. their task, stand there providing security to the citizens. Arriving the town, the knights were drove to the town office, it was like a tiny castle in the middle of the district.
” go on, put your armors already we dont have much time until sunrise. ” said Baramae.
” excuse sir ” said Annalot ” but… when you mean put armors, you mean, changing clothes?”
” exactly. ” Baramae confirmed
Annalot shivered upon hearing it. how she was supposed to change in front of all the knights? if she did, of course the whole disguise would fail. no doubt, she took the armor and rushed to change on the visitor’s bathroom.
Having that heavy armor that covered from the tip of the feet to the top of her head, covering even the face. there was Annalot, looking more like a iron puppet than a knight.
Sun Rose and people started to walk by, Annalot sure missed the normal life of the burg,  wifes going to the marked buying supplies to the daily life, merchants entering in and out, it was a interesting  job, working with people, for the people, that was nice.
something that the town guard should know was about the town itself, sometimes foreigners come to ask for information. and every time that happened Annalot was glad in helping them.
it was mid day already and the child was playing arround, a little girl catch Annalot’s eyes. she was small, with golden hairs, and had a familiar doll in her arms. No doubt for her, it was none other than Cecilia. her best friend and neighbor. Cecilia wasnt looking so well, the little girl was down. walking on the streets alone, holding her doll with all the strength her little arms could provide.
seeing such a scene, Annalot could not control herself. when Cecilia passed in front of her she called
” little girl, is something wrong? why are you so down? ”
the little girl stopped looking to the armored knight in front of her
” why are you alone? why arent you playing around with your friends? ”
Cecilia answered
” i miss my big sister mister guard. ”
” oh, is that so? do you have any idea were is your big sister? ”
” no mr. guard ” said Cecilia ” she disapeared, and makes three months now, i miss her, she was my best friend.” the little girl showed some tears in her eyes, but did not dropped them.
” dont worry, you will find her ” Annalot answered ” i bet she miss you too, you just have to grow up, and be a strong girl. i am sure you will find her again. ”
” why do you can tell? ” asked the little girl
Annalot lifted the helm’s mask, and gave a wink while smiling to the little girl.
” thats our secret, is that ok little girl? ”
Cecilia smiled and her eyes started to water, she did dropped two or three tears trying to hide her happiness.
” i will mister guard, im so relieved that you told me this, i will grow strong, just like her. i will grow strong and i will beat everything that tries to stop me. ”
Annalot giggled ” thats right, i know she will be waiting for you ”
and them Cecilia keep her road, singing and smiling like a cute little bird. Annalot was glad, and happy. being a guard wasnt such a heavy burden after all.
wrong. it was because the day had just started.
two times, Annalot spotted two times a robbery. she jumped in action four to five times, and had to stand still in a hellish sun for hours. Annalot was almost cooked  inside that huge and heavy iron armor.
” oi dammit Melmer! ” said Annalot ” Why do the hell, from all days to come, have to come just today when im out in duty? this is just unfair! ”
” haha young Russel, its always like this, after four to six turns you might get used to this ”
” five to six turns… you’ve gotta be kidding. there is no way i can survive such.”
” not five to six, four to six ” Melmer fixed Annalot’s sentence ” and also, it will always be like this, and be sure the routine of today was almost common. there are days when we have to run from to offer backup to other teams. quit complaining it could be worse. ”
” alright alright ” annalot sighed hard ” so once night falls we go out for the assassin, i am right? ”
” not realy, we will make patrol here, see that lamps over there? ”  Melmer pointed
” ye, whats with them? ”
” we have to walk with them looking for something suspicious or giving security to the civilians.”
” sounds better than just standing here cooking at the sun. ”
” hehehehe nice one Russ ” said Enrich who was making his patrol ” but night is dangerous, even inside the burg ”
” i can tell. ” Annalot Answered
” my my, settle down and keep doing your watch, we need to stay alert all time. ”
” but the flux just went down Melmer ” annalot complained ” dont we need a rest? a break? talking like this is good to lift up the mood ”
” we can talk, but guards usually stay shut, quiet, and alert, ready for any emergency ”
” way to be a jerk. ” Annalot sighed
” he was always like this, dont worry you will get used ” laughing Enrich said so ” Melmer is a stubborn  jerk, the kind who is always following his thoughts strictly, you can tell that his way of the jerk salved the mission sometimes.” stated Enrich ” but still, geez he is a jerk ”
Annalot laughed, the knights had a nice and long conversation until the nightfall, no issues happened and the hot weather was changed by a pleasant one. with a dark indigo sky full of stars. the moon wasnt out, so the night was rather darker than usual.
” why it has to be so dark, and from all days, it has to be today? ” said Annalot with her shoulders down
” get composure Russel its night, the assassin might attack. anytime, anywhere, we never know. ” Melmer Lectured her.
a man passed by, he was holding a basket covered by a blood red fabric. it sure was suspect. Annalot decided to follow him
” hey Mel… ”
” its Shooting Dark Star from now on, and you are Young One. so whats up? ”
” well Shooting Dark Star, you saw that man didnt you? ”
” yep, is something wrong about him? ”
” the air, he sure have something suspicious about him.”
” i got where you want to reach, go on, keep your eyes open.”
” aye sir ” and with it Annalot went to follow the suspicious man.
Annalot followed the man from a distance. once the man stopped a person came from the shadows of the square, they started to talk, and Annalot stayed there watching the scene. A chill on the air.
Annalot turned violently backwards deflecting a dagger blow.
“SHOOTING STAR! RED BEAST! ITS HIM, TAKE THE MAN WITH THE BASKET ILL TAKE CARE OF THE ASSASSIN! ” called Annalot. a dark flash, it was melmer, who fast took upon the merchant. Enrich drove in the scene like a beast, and with his own fists punched hard the assassin who was knocked back.
“ROGER SIR! ” Annalot charged violently upon the assassin. he made through with a dodge roll and aiming Annalot’s backs he launched a stab.
But Annalot was faster, she stopped the blow aiming a broad swing at he assassin’s neck, who used his dagger to parry the attack. the impact was too strong, the assassin went back about five steps. then he rushed into Annalot’s chest.
she aimed a descending swing at the assassin, he fast parried the blow and changed the dagger hand holding Annalot’s spear with his hands
” WHAT THE ” with that Annalot stopped his advance with a accurate kick on the assassin’s face, breaking his nose.
the assassin rolled behind and looking to the knight who without thinking started a chase with a thrust aimed to the assassin’s belly.
without thinking. the assassin drove inside the woods.
” OI WAIT! ” before Annalot started her chase, Melmer shouted
” AAAAAAAAH! ” Annalot thrust  a tree ” dammit. i had him on my aim, he was mine ”
” dont worry young one ” melmer comforted her ” first we have to take this man to the offices, im sure his basket is suspicious ”
” sure it is ” Enrich came carrying the other man like a dead deer on his shoulder ” he is selling drugs, see? ” Enrich showed brown panaceas. ” we have to take those two to the office. ”
” Red Beast, you go with the Young One, i will take full responsibility  on the perimeter ”
” Roger shooting, come Young um. bring the other bastard ”
both went to the district office. Annalot’s first night at the job was just starting.