Chapter Seven – Female Instinct

Arriving the district office Baramae who was taking care of the office affairs immediately asked for a brief report; Annalot was the one who delivered it.
” Russel spit it out, who are those rackets? and what did they do? ” said baramae
” sir, those two gentlemans are the current target for our assassin sir, yet i fought him off, he ran away into the dark woods sir, Melmer refrained me from going after him. also, Enrich stated that one was selling drugs. ”
” drugs? ”
” yes sir drugs, we dont know yet what kind. ”
” interesting… do you know anything else? Enrich, Russel? ”
” no sir ” they both answered at the same time
” its ok, well take them in custody to the castle. for both safety and punishment ”
” whoa! ” screamed the merchant ” i was just selling, its my job, im being forced to do so ”
” so it was your duty to report back. ” baramae said with a dry tune
about 6 hours until sunrise, Annalot and Enrich took the carriage to take the two persons in custody to the castle, they arrived the castle about 2 am. the distance is quite huge, because it was two hours with a carriage in fast motion.
arriving the gates, Enrich had to alert the guards in order to make preparations to those two law guests. Annalot stood outside the carriage guarding them. silly because she was more scared than anything. truth must be stated, she is a girl, she might be acting as a boy, she may be a knight, but she is still a girl. a impulsive one. and Annalot was scared  of the night’s sounds, owns, rats, the wind on the trees, it was all a little creepy for her, with such a darkness.
” hey, hey you ”
” AAAAAAH ! ” Annalot crouched
” are you kidding you’re a knight right? ” it was the merchant inside the carriage
” oi shut up or i will show you what is a knight ” Annalot answered in a angry and serious voice
the merchant silenced, of course he would silence, standing by the side of the carriage, a knight heavy armored with a spear, and they were inside the carriage bound by chains, she could kill them easy as pigs. Enrich returned and took the carriage in and said:
” russel, i have to fill the papers for those two, you will escort them to the outer cells, do NOT let your guard down. ”
” … even inside the castle? very well then,understood! ”
Annalot took them, wandering in the dark alleys of the castle, the night was cold, and dark for it was new moon, no other knights around and a creepy feeling. Annalot could tell that something was wrong, she was with full guard. the two prisoners walking in before her, so she could keep an eye on them, and her other eye were directed to the entire area.
the wind blew strong, it was cold, she couldnt feel it too well, the heavy armor she was wearing couldnt allow, but she felt it on her face, and it was so dry that her face was sightly scratched. for a moment she looked to the skies, were the moon should be.
she saw a flash, a metallic flash, jumping from a roof to another. she pretended to not notice it, and keep walking with the both mans. arriving a open space, a wide one, she held her spear tight and whispered
” watch yourselves, he is here ”
the mans almost panicked. but again she spook.
” oi, i said to watch yourselves, keep walking and pretend there is nothing wrong going on. ”
once they passed by a arbutus a noise could be heard.
” watch out! ” annalot fast trusted her spear in the arbutus, she killed a rat.
” … a rat? you’ve gotta to be kidding knight, this must be a- ” before the merchant could finish Annalot jumped over them and they hit the floor, a dagger has been trowed and it missed all the three targets. she spotted a figure on the top of a roof.
” i knew it, you two, run! ”
” w-what? ”
” run you bunch of rackets! ”
they ran, in the direction pointed by the knight
the assassin trowed another dagger and annalot deflected it with her arm, covered in heavy armor and leaped directly to the assassin. he ran, but annalot was faster and angry, she was running almost like a hound against a fox. the assassin ran through the castle and entered the forest. annalot give chase, even inside the dark forest, disvantage was with her.
once the assassin started to slow down annalot got speed up and keep the chase, without giving space to the enemy.
the forest was dark, the more inside it, the less light. the dark brown coat of the assassin blended well inside it. opposite to annalot’s heavy armor, that even with the most dim light could shine inside the forest.
but at a point inside it, the assassin completely blended inside the darkness, and so the evil plan started.
” you cant tell where i am, can you? ”
” grr, stop joking around and fight like a man! come here and face me ”
annalot felt a chill, someone was approaching her from behind, fast she trusted her spear behind trying to hit something, she could hear something jumping on the arbutus around.
” its useless, stop wasting time, you’re dammed. you shouldnt have come this far chasing me, poor knight, your life ends now ”
he jumped from above the trees, annalot’s sense alarmed her and fast she blocked the fatal landing and trowed the assassin away. she could see his face. fast, she charged and swigged  her spear broad, the assassin’s face received the attack. it was weird, because he didnt moved a inch, something was wrong.
” enough, if its not me that is going to kill you, then they will, farewell knight. ”
” dont run away! come here and face me until the end! ” annalot called the assassin, but no response, and in the top of all this, a cold wind blew through the trees.
it was a black wind, something was wrong, the chill of the situation was even colder and sharper than the assassin’s, and soon, before annalot could notice, she was surrounded by five white wolves.
five white wolves looking at her, all of them looking with both anger and hunger at the armored knight.
“… the assassin is gone ” said annalot adjusting the grip of her spear ” its cold… ” she adjusted her posture ” im tired ” she laid the spear down in position ” and i am angry as hell ” so if you dogs want to bring it on ” she put strength on her arms ” then come, i will make sure that my new winter coat is white ” the wolves leaped, she deflected them one by one.
every time she swung her spear the wolves leaped back, and she gave chase, dodging the charges and counter attacking with punches and kicks.
but a wolf leaped and bite her spear.
” why you ! ” she launched the wolf and it crashed on a tree. ” less… ” she charged and trusted the spear in the wolf’s belly, a fatal wound, the white creature howled high and died ” … one! ” the four wolves leaped together aiming her backs, she swung the spear once and the blade hit all four in a single strike.
” time to sleep forever dogs! ” she gave chase and smashed the spear in one of the wolves, she blade made a heavy cut at the wolf’s neck, it was a fatal wound, ” now i have to deal with three more! “. saying so she made a step and trowed the spear, she missed the attack and a wolf leaped to attack her, she went to the floor.
a struggle between her and a wolf, she managed to hold the wolf’s neck and holding it with the two hands she resisted for a short time, her strength started to fail, she let go one of her hands and fast punched the wolf’s nose with all her might
a cry, the wolf let go of her, she rolled and took her spear, and while standing up, she released a rising blow that dealed a fatal wound. two wolfs lasts.
” who’s next? ”
the wolves ran away.
” woo, woof ” annalot was tired, she sited for a minute in the darkness of the forest.
” man, not half bad right? ” she said ” enough for today, lady luck is aiding me too much, i might die the next encounter. better go home and ask for a break. ” she took the three wolves and went to the castle, exiting the dark forest.
arriving the principal office , with three white wolves on her backs she saluted her partners.
” night everyone, guess who just fought a assassin plus five wolves?