2010 A.C London 03:30 AM Clock’s Tower yard.

a mess is going on, a golden lion is attacking fiercely the surroundings, and many magi are around to defend its territory.
the skies are all black, and the clouds brings together a promise of rain. the lion is not slaying any magi, instead, its just making a havoc at the tower’s surroundings.
it was not a attack, it was more like a bait. but since the lion is striking with enough strength to kill thousands of people in a half blow, the magi could not notice it yet.
The truth behind this is a scheme, a mission made by some organization.
telling the whole truth, its a mission of steal. two names involved Soma Sora and The Nemea Lion. both working to the church. the order is to steal a artifact, the Longinus original,
while the great lion is making its own havoc, Sora makes its way through the defenses of the tower. he passes trough the boundary without being noticed, without much problems he makes it. all the magic shields and barriers go down as he cuts the source of magical energy. its no problem for him to get to the Longinus original. but it was not unprotected
a automaton guard was there standing. it was not alive, just a kind of puppet made of iron working with magical energy
it was huge, and its both hands were a sword and a whip
without hesitation sora spills blood on the automaton leg and from it a spike is instantly created piercing the metal giant. the thing tries to chase sora, but with the leg being paralyzed its useless. but something went wrong, inside the automaton was a alarm system. sora starts running dashing trough the corridors making his way out the tower.
in his way Barthomeloi Lorelai appears. she doesnt looks any happy.
she casts a spell, a rage of wind  goes after sora, he manages to dodge and as soon he manages it he says:
” Kekka! ” he spills blood, a rose made entirely of blood trough the area and it fasts turn in a curtain of crimson as it explodes going after barthomeloi, she is astonished. never saw such technique and yet it came fast.
she couldnt react to it, it was almost a surprise attack, some of the blood split goes right to her eyes.
” what is this, what… arg. just wait until i put my hands on your filthy neck! ”
sora laughs ” Loser! ”
” let us see who is the loser, Schein Schiffsbreite ” from her hands a wide light beam is fired aimlessly. but in the direction sora ran. his instinct made him leap with all strenght he could. the beam pass bellow him almighty. due to the landing sora feels gets a light wound, but keeps running nonstop leaving Barthomeloi behind.
exiting the building sora meets with The Nemea Lion. the Huge golden lion. its was emitting a huge amount of mana, many magi fighting it. the numbers were over the thousands of them. every roar that comes from the lions makes the earth shake, every kick the lion swings is creates a malestorm, the magi trying to pierce its coat launching spells nonstop was futile. the lion couldnt feel even a single breeze who would say a scratch? it was almighty, its majestic standing was there just playing with the hopeless magi. despising its huge size, the lion could move fast enough to match the wind. and sometimes go even faster.
the lion crossed sora’s way.
” get on already, i want to go home this place is boring. ”
sora mounts the lion and fast as a bullet they get away from the place.
” oy sora, you got the damn thing right? ”
” no i couldnt even touch it, there was a woman and a giant automaton and…”
” what the fuck, lets go back them, they will piss me off if you fail like this ” the lion said worried
” no no no, its here, its here. no fucking way we go back ” sora shouted like being forced to walk into a deathtrap
” is something the matter? ”
” Barthomeloi Lorelei is the name. ”
” what the… you faced her and didnt got even a scratch? ” the lion said surprised
” i managed to blind her, even trough i faced death front to front ”
” did you knew that she is know for killing Dead apostles ancestors? ”
” no i didnt. ”
” really? ”
” no ”
” fuck you! ” the lion shouted in rage.
” that woman could have my head, i was just lucky, she could be out to get you instead of be wandering the tower around. ”
” shut up. ”
” why ”
” if that woman went out to kill me, she would pursue us to the depths of hell or even far ”
sora laughs, they get far from the clock tower and return to the church territory.
sora gets down the lion
” thanks Lowe. ”
” nothing, go on and deliver the damn thing already ” saying so the space distorts and the lion takes form of a man, with golden hair long enough to cover its back. he had red eyes and his nails were lion claws like.
” im glad its over without much fight, or else it was going to be a long night. ” says Lowe
sora delivers the  artifact to the church, doing so, both mans goes on opposite ways.
” see you around sora, fare well ”
” bye lowe “