looking upon the world, from the skies – Ayame Shiokazu

when the world draws noise
meaningless rush, for nothing at all
i see myself running away

people scream, lights are on
cars roaring, clouds of dust
telephones ringing
people running
and me, myself, looking at this

i look upon the sky
be it day, be it night
all worries fade away.

i hear people screaming
but i listen to harps
gently being played
in a sweet melody

i see people rushing
i watch myself flying
over a sea of soft clouds
a calm landscape

people being worried all time
for me, when i look at the skies
the wind come and take my concerns away
and the clouds make their way

oh, and this eternal light
that drives away darkness
its almost like a fortress for only one
to protect nothing
yet, to protect everything precious

a chorus
its the wind singing
i can sing along it
and doing so
my heart feels delighted
and my soul relaxes.

no one can tell
but the skies are open for everyone
everyone who holds the key
and the key, is within yourself.

just find it, and all the darkness will give you rest