Chapter Eight – Her First Kill. the blood has been spit by the first time.

” The hell annalot, what are those… DAMMIT HOW THE… WHITE WOLVES? ” said the huge officer sitting on a chair at the castle headquarters
” This is not, by any means happening. how many of them you shoot down? ” every knight inside the office was astonished by seeing such a young figure holding three dead white wolves
” just those three, the other two ran away, uuh… ” said russel
” whats wrong? ” the huge officer spoke
” well sir, it just happen that i was on duty, taking two merchants to the outer cells… but, see, we were attacked inside the castle and i told then to run to the outer cells, i gave chase my target until we entered deep inside the castle’s forest. but… ” annalot stopped, took a deep breath and finished ” he ran away. ”
after a long talk about why did he give chase and why did him told the prisoners to run. Enrich appeared at the office, not really happy. and with two familiar faces with him.
” the hell russ, why did you let them run through the castle? ”
” because uh… we were under attack. ”
” ah, just let them die, its not like we really need them anyway ”
” wait wait, what just you said, of course we need them, they are like… baits ” said annalot while waving her arms
” yeh russ, but we can take more decoys ” said Enrich while putting his hands on his shoulder ” just, just go sleep, ill take care of those guys okay? ”
” alright… ”
annalot went to the knight’s tower, after changing to a light armor, passing the door she saw someone on the top of the stairs to the first floor, it was wearing a coat, she only could see it as a shadow, since it was blocking the light.
” uh? who are… ” before she could even finish her sentence, the figure dashed to her fast  as the wind, it rushed for her neck. she managed to dodge it by crouching and creating a opening.
” ow, this just cant be happening, its you again, at least let me have a rest! ” she said while picking her daggers
” you’ll be fighting me with daggers? this gotta be a joke. ” said the assassin
” got any problems? ” she rushed to the assassin holding two knifes, they clashed it could not be heard by far. every clash of the knifes made the room light up a little and at those moments Annalot could have glimpses of the assassin’s face.
she was trying hard to make the assassin wounded, but just knifes were not the best weapon she could chose. the assassin was just playing with her, and that she could feel and see at his face. he was just waiting until she felt tired, to launch the final attack.
annalot sliced the air once, she missed, and with this, the assassin kicked her belly strong. she flew through the hall, and crashed upon a weapon holder, swords, spears and axes fell upon her.
” ouch that hurts ” said annalot, and the assassin come after her neck, fast as the wind. without even thinking she took the nearest weapon she could touch and rose it against the knife.
she took a axe, and its broad blade blocked the slice, yet the timing was so perfect that the assassin got off balance. she stood with the axe and swung it at the assassin. it was so strong, and the axe was so heavy that she ended spinning. three times. unfortunately the assassin avoided the three spins.
” what the hell are you? ” the assassin said in a surprised voice, but there was no response.
annalot let the axe go, and it flew towards the assassin. he avoided it, luckily, because the thing crashed at the wall with such strength that the poor bricks were smashed and flied through the room; seeing the opening the assassin ran for annalot’s neck. she crouched again and avoided it, her hand touched a sword, without thinking twice she took it in hands and tried to slice the assassin. she managed to at least give a superficial wound to the assassin’s belly
” you again NOW IM MAD ” the assassin become a flash. attacking by all sides throwing knives and trying to slash annalot. she deflected all the blows with the sword. panting already, she was really tired.
” someone… i need help. ” she whispered
the assassin started laughing at her, and started to talk
” you’re hopeless now, i never in my entire life left one of my targets alive. ”
” stop… ” annalot was having problems deflecting the attacks, she was too tired already ” … that, i… … need air. ”
the maniacal laughter together with the metallic sounds of knives clashing against a sword, were almost a symphony. a symphony that was interrupted by the sound of flesh being pierced
” aaugh! ” annalot cried, a knife pierced the light armor she was wearing now. she started bleeding and crouched to the floor. she was panting and bleeding. the assassin stopped the attacks and went to her. he stood triumphant before her.
” see knight? ” said him immersed in his maniacal laughter ” you’re no match for me. your life ends now. ” he took his knife slowly to kill her, by piercing her skull.
” NO! ” she took the knife out of her belly and trusted it against the assassin’s who delayed his knife. after trusting she rolled towards the assassin with the sword still in hands, the assassin fell upon her. but she rose up fast, and without thinking, she craved the sword in the middle of the assassin’s torso
a loud man’s cry, the entire castle could hear.
seconds after the cry, Enrich was the first one arriving the scene, and in the middle of the damaged room, there was the young knight russel, and a dead corpse with a sword craved on it.
” Russ, man… the hell just happened here? ”
” … i… ” annalot was frozen looking to the assassin’s corpse
” hes dead? man you killed him, the fuck he is anyway? ” Enrich spook in a very normal tune
” i didnt… he was… ”
” russ, you didnt do anything wrong, he attacked you right? you just defended yourself ”
” but he… he… ”
annalot was wounded, and she was bearing the pain for a time already. not only this but she was tired. she couldnt help herself she was shaking.
” man, you’re shaking real ba- ” the moment Enrich put his hand over Annalot shoulder, she collapsed at the floor. ” Russ! hey man! can you hear me! MAN HOLD ON! ”
useless annalot was totally wiped out.
” OH FUCK HE IS ON FEVER! ” said enrich while checking the young knight’s forehead ” HE IS HOT AS THE HELL ITSELF! ”
Enrich took Annalot to the medical dept. the medical dept was not far from the knight’s tower. the medical Dept. was run by the ladies of the castle. maids, nuns and the royal family woman.
” what just happened here Enrich? what is the meaning of this ” a maid spook
” he fought someone inside the knight’s tower. he is pretty wounded in the belly, and looks like he fought his limits off. ”
” ROGER THAT MISTRESS! ” five nurses answered at the same time
everything that could be heard by annalot’s mouth was two names. ” Cecilia…” and “… Irvine”.

End of First arc