you sure have a lot of free time dont you?

why the lame question, thats simple to ask. know when you get that free time and start wondering what do you would like to do? well i do. since im not good at almost anything that exists; then i start thinking: why do artists dont have those times? thats because they’re always busy with something they are good at and they feel good at doing. those who can play, play when they get free time. those who can draw waste their free time drawing. when they are not on video games, watching tv(which is useless) or reading a book.

oi, i could be reading a book right now, but not, im writing this stupid post, for no reason really im just talking about stupidity that no one will ever bother reading, just like the other stories all around this stupid place;

i ask you, do you look at the skies? i doubt you do. since the name of this place is The Skies Above, i wonder if anyone at least had a glimpse of this place. maybe its just too closed or something like that; this place wasnt meant to people on first place, was a place for me and myself, but writing stories that will fall in oblivion right after being written is kind of sad. i wish i really wish that some people read those stories and said something about them, even a ” thats a nice story ” would be alright. i do write because its something that anyone can, even i can. lame, i know, but at least its something i can do, write, just like you do, just like anyone do; its nothing special anyway. and those lame stories… really. i will keep writing them but knowing that nobody ever reads it. HA thats the true.

i wish i could play any instrument or draw, at least learn them; i have plenty time, but i never start anything, just because i dont know HOW.

there is our key: “HOW TO”. if you dont know how, you cannot do. by lucky you may but you will do it only once and its over. if you dont know how, there is no way to improve or to keep repeating the same thing. i am right? curse it, i sure have plenty of time.
i bet there are lots of people like me, but since im crap at almost anything. they are better. what should i do? give them my regards and make them feel like they were recognized by someone they dont know? or just keep being a lazy loser like always?

man i dont know. i think im going to sleep