” masa, i want be the wind ” this line, or something like this was said in Chrono Trigger, many years ago, by a kind of spirit called Mune. and i feel the same way as him;

nowdays, I’ve been feeling a lot more light and with a energy inside running, something like a stream going, it still feeling like this, and it feels good. but… i wonder if its not my way to hide from the adversities of the world. things are still changing, around, and only around. i feel like my journey is facing its end. i dont feel that i need my body anymore, i feel like im about to melt and become air. sometimes i think if im going to end this life.

when the wind blows through my hair, i can almost listen his song, i can almost hear him telling me ” your time to rest is right ahead, just keep on flying ” those days my mind was with the skies all the time, even during school exams and stuff, its almost like the peace of the skies above my head is dug and carved deep inside my soul. seriously i think if i feel like, i can fly. I could say that i feel like a piece of the skies. it feels great, and yet… it feels so lonely.

i wish i wasnt feeling like this, because my maiden is not passing through a nice time. she is fighting with everything she have, and i cant do anything about it. and its sad because even thought she is during a horrible phase of her life. i can still smile kindly and gently like a summer breeze.

my greatest fear, is that its a prelude to something…