Chapter Nine – Echo

from nothing Annalot could hear loud sounds of clashing swords and spears, people were crying loud war cries. her eyes were closed. and she was feeling a little heavy. for a time Annalot thought that she was dead. but no wounds she could feel, either other abnormalities, what she was seeing was just a black background. she realized that those were her eyelids.
Annalot opened her eyes. and a battlefield was at her sight. the skies dying the landscape all orange, and people fighting in the middle of a cloud made of dust. towering afar she could see the royal castle were she was serving. but something was not right…
” why i am at the opposite  side of the castle? why i am attacking my motherland? ” Annalot tought ” hmm i see so that’s why im feeling heavy ”
she was wearing a battle armor, suited for avoiding arrows and fatal wounds. by her side laying there was a banner. for some reason, the banner was white. she didnt understood quite why. but she took the banner, her spear and stood up at the battlefield.
” ANNALOT WATCH OUT! ” a knight shouted. she trowed herself at to the ground, rolled and stood up again.
” dammit it was a arrow ”
” man… you need to pay more attention to those things lady Ann ”
” excuse? ” annalot said ” Lady Ann? ”
” the fuck is going on with you Lady Ann? you’re so weird today… keep you mind focused we need you in order to finish this task ” it was a young man carrying a huge blue and beautiful  scythe.
” stand already Lady Ann, carry our banner to the victory! ”
” w-wha- alright roger that. ” Annalot stood powerfull, she noticed that at her waist there was a beautiful fire colored sword were the cable resembled more a dragon’s mouth the blade had many shining spots, and it looked sharper as any other blade she ever saw. engraved on the middle iron of the sword, runes that she could not read. at her head a helm and her long hair was back, standing out her helm as a ponytail, her red ribbon was tied over her hair with a little piece of iron covering it.
” she is alive! she is still alive! ” this and many other sentences like that were whispering and echoing through the battlefield, and as Annalot advanced with the White Banner, the morale of her troupes grew stronger.
she fought using the banner as a spear, but a question stood at her mind ” where is Aria? where is my spear? ” she keep on advancing wondering what she was doing there, and why she was opposing her sire, she was dressed as something she never saw, as a woman knight. her armor was shaped at comfortably resembling the shapes of a beautiful woman, matching Annalot’s body, and her legs were covered by a dress like piece. at least, what she could see was this.
she fought like a lion through the battlefield, no one stood her skill and instinct, she dodged the arrows and turned down everyone that tried to attack her. she was quite concerned about her enemies. they were wearing Royal chests and the banners of her kingdom, despite the colors that were not the same, shivering at the wind.
blood were all around, many corpses, and injured soldiers, yet some were still fighting at the floor, she could not look to it. anything she was watching was the battle ahead her. her charge was unstoppable. until a doubt come at her min.
” what im going to do? ”
there she stood still, and after a second, she felt a murderous intent, mixed with rage. a white hammer made out of white marble, adorned with gold stripes with victory runes on it
” YOU! RUSSEL! YOU TRAITOR! ” a strong voice
” SAY WHA- ” Annalot crawled and tried to impale the large body with the banner like spear. no use, the huge man made it fly away.
after those words, Annalot recognized the hammer and the man, it was Baramae the White Mountain. she was astonished, the white mountain as her enemy? she fast took her sword off the sheath and swung it, a gale come with its swing, and the sword was light, she could bear it with a single hand. and so she did.
every time the hammer hit the ground, missing the young lady, made the earth around them shake, no soldier could reach too much near, it was a fierce battle between talented knights.
” Baramae stop! i dont know what you are talking abou- ”
” i really dont know what you are talking about, i dont even know why im fighting! ”
” shut your trap now and DIE ! ” with this, the white marble hammer hit the ground for the last time. annalot dodged it by spinning her body with her sword aiming for Baramae’s neck. his head fell off. and from this annalot could do nothing, she just ran with the sword in hands, nobody in her way she keept advancing without the white banner.
at the castle’s bridge, she saw herself at the water, she was quite older and her armor was beautiful as a empress dress. her helm gave her the touch of a knight and her body was of a full matured woman, despite the small breasts. her face was the same. she could not understand that, and her mind drifted away from the battlefield. the moment she did it, she felt a spear crossing strongly her heart, through her backs.
” what is- ” she coughed blood ” this. ”
when the spear was took off from her chest from her backs, she could turn and see someone, he was quite old, she could not recognize his face. but she could recognize two things, the white banner she was carrying used as the spear that pierced her heart, and the royal crown.
everything turned black after this vision, and Annalot could hear a familiar voice:
” uh? russ… oh my, he is alright, he is awakening. lady nun russ is awakening come here! ”
” ugh… just what was… ” said Annalot somewhat stunned
” heey russ, you’re alright ” Annalot recognized right away the man, it was Enrich
” just what is going on Enrich? ouch ouch ” Annalot was wounded, but not at her backs and not at her heart.
” hey dont overdo it, you’re still wounded ”
” from what? ” said Annalot
” man you’re hopeless, from the fight you had with that assassin, you were pretty tired and the knife that wounded you was poisoned, geez you’re such a lucky bastard you know? ”
“uh… so… i fought him? ” she asked
” yea ” enrich noded
” and i won… ” annalot added
” if not you would be dead, smart guy ” Enrich said
” i see, so all that thing was a dream ” she thought
” what was a dream? ” Enrich questioned
” nothing, nevermind ”
” maan, you’re problematic. ” said enrich with a relieved face.