sigh, here i am again, at my skies opening my heart. today i will take upon a subject that makes me feel sad about people nowdays. the thing is that people dont want to just sit anymore and listen to stories. And man, it makes me feel sad, not because im a storyteller. thats not just it, its jut a tiny bit of why i feel sad. man i know im not the best storyteller, but still… thats the only thing i know how to do. makes me want to drop some tears, but thats because im a big crybaby.

in the ancient times it was common to people gather around someone to listen him/her telling a story, and believe its fun. but nowdays i dont know what happened, ill wont put the guilty upon anything, nothing is guilty. its just the method that got old and tired, and nobody likes it anymore. sad, but true, and what can we do about it? nothing just accept. well, im ok with it,  a bit sad but ok. as im always saying im disproved of any super artistic skills nor anything like that, what i can do is create worlds
writing silly stories, about silly things, anyone can do it, come on, writing doesnt makes anyone special nowdays, everyone learns it at the damn school. but im not here to talk about this kind of bullshit so whatever forget those old laments.

i really with i could sit and tell a story for a crew of five to ten persons, anywhere, it doesnt matters who are those persons, frankly i just wish they could sit and listen to the story, and get involved or at least trying to interact with it, i dont bother if someone breaks in one of those stories im telling and it takes a good way, sure if that happens i would let everyone build the story a little and take the points when the story started to go in a bad way, but thing is that, people nowdays just dont want. they are incapable of doing so. they only can read stories from books that they bough at bookstores or listen…. err… better watch, no see, most people doesnt watch films anymore, all they do is see the images and go all WOOO THATS AWESOME and END. they dont even pay attention to the elements and what is being said, or the story, frankly… you can call me whatever you want, because my value in the society is low as one of a cockroach or worse. people probably wont read things anymore if you dont bring it to them, and worse, most of them only will read it, if it have some illustrations, or if its a fucking comic book, manga, WHATEVER.

my call is for all those storytellers who have something to tell, stories that happened with then or with other people, i feel a huge urge to throw all the guilty upon the science shoulders. but again, i wont but the guilty upon anyone’s shoulders, mostly because there is nothing to be guilty of, just to begin with. if it were not because of all those lights, maybe our life could be a little ” liver and colorful “; i wish i could speak openly about the things that happened to me, but thats not happening.

thanks that there is always a rare person that listens to my stories, and try to learn something from it. despite sciences and those things, i cant explain how the shit happens, because man, THEY JUST HAPPEN, i dont know how the fuck it happened, it just happened and i dont know a thing about that, want answers? im not the one who can actually give’em, why? Oh man, just because i dont have the answers to myself. how the fuck i will have answers for you?

humans can only see, live, and think, do and realize what is inside their box. and i believe purely on that; want to kill me? to insult me to the hell? want to defend your fuckin awesome and always full of truth science, be my guest, i dont give a fuck about…

thank you if you read this cry, believe… you made a silly storyteller fell a lot better. from the deep of my little and young heart, thank you.