Chapter ten – The old castle happening

three months since the fight against the dreaded assassin, Annalot was designed to do some light tasks, her identity as Russel was still strong, and her bounds with the knights were strong. She was growing as a powerful knight, but she was growing also, as a woman. even so, it couldnt be noticed by anyone, but her and Irivine who was taking care of her. Annalot was afraid, but nothing that could shake her confidence.
she was in duty for two weeks already, as a castle guard, all she did was wander inside the castle all day, a really easy task but since she took a month to get out of the medical complex, and yet another to return the duties, she was still recovering herself from the savage battle against that one;
” man… this is boring, almost boring as going out to fish ” said Annalot while wandering the castle ” if i was a little stronger i could have took that hit and recovered faster, and so i could be already doing common tasks, not those light ones that only old tired knights do. thats something to complain with baramae when he returns. for sure it is! ”
Annalot was turning in a long corridor, it was a open corridor almost no outer walls, only the inner who were there to create rooms, wide rooms. she was concerned about why such wide rooms since they would be there for absolutely nothing. when approaching one of the rooms she saw Irivine cleaning it. she entered the room to greet her friend.
” hi vine, want some help there? ”
” not at all Ann, see i can take care of it all alone, im used to it since im working in this castle for a long time. ” said irivine while cleaning the huge table
” it makes me wonder… ” said Annalot sitting in one on the top of the table ” how old are you vine? ”
” why this now ann? ” irivine giggled ” its not like i bother telling you my age but why did you get concerned about it? ”
” nothing really, i just wondered about it, since you said that you’re here for a time already ” said Annalot smiling
” im working in the castle for eleven years already, i come here by the age of twelve, so if you’re able to do the maths you should figure out my age ” said irivine while playing arround with the duster
” you’re not too old, but still you are vine ” said Annalot laughing
” im not old, im just mature you know ”
” i guess… hey hey vine, tell me, how are the other maids? ” asked annalot pleased of having a normal conversation
” well… most of them come from many places of this country, they all have stories like mine. ” said irivine in a sad tune
” can you tell? ”
” i prefer to not tell you about it, maybe someday i will feel like telling you my story ” said irivine with a deep gloom on her voice
” you promise vine? ”
” promise ann ” irivine giggled
they booth carried the lighthearted conversation for hours, while irivine was finishing that room, annalot helped her and as soon as irivine finished her task annalot returned to the guard duty
Annalot keep on wandering the castle for some hours until the sunset, the sun having gone down the hills she had to re-do her way, that was her order. when returning to that corridor annalot could hear some weird sounds, she took the grip of her spear, those were sounds that she never heard before, slowly she approached the door.
As she approached the door, she could hear the moaning  of a maid, annalot could identify that voice, it was irivine’s and as soon as she identified it, she put all the strength she had on her feet, she leaped and rushed down the corridor, turned the door full speed only to see Irivine being raped by the cardinal.
Annalot knew that that man was the cardinal, she never saw the man, but she knew because of his clothes she was also told that she should keep distance of him, rumors roamed the old castle, telling that the old cardinal was against the royal family, his wish was to take upon the crown and rule the kingdom the way he pleased. he was a wicked man, who had some corrupted knights by his side into the political affairs.
The moment Annalot’s and Irivine’s eyes meet, tears started to run out from Irivine’s eyes. she was crying of pain and shame, she didnt wanted annalot to see her like that, but it didnt lasted much time, annalot fast ran and tackled the cardinal so strong that she made him fly some distance, even through he had already mounted Irivine’s body.
” Irivine ” said Annalot full of anger ” did he harmed you? you’re still ok yourself? ”
” a-ann, i-im still f-fine ” said irivine, she was trembling, her limbs where shaking, she was crying already.
” you! ” annalot cried ” put on your clothes! and take this shame away, you’re not in the rights to violate the ladies of this castle! ”
” but my fair knight ” said the cardinal ” i was just having some fun, she was a voluntary, dont you want to j- ”
annalot interrupted the cardinal ” Shut your dreaded trap already, or ill pierce your throat! vanish from here as soon as possible! ”
” my fair knight just ask he- ”
Irivine now interrupted the cardinal ” watch your mouth! i wasnt a voluntary, you took me by force an threaded your filthy hand into my underwear! ”
” you did what? ” annalot was getting even more angry with every word that was spelled into the room
” who you’re going to believe knight? the high cardinal, or this dirty maid? ” said the cardinal.
Annalot sighed, and cried ” the dirty maid is your mother! ” she took aria on hands and launched it aiming the cardinal, it barely hit him, as soon as the spear hit the floor, the cardinal stood up and ran away.
” vine, did he made you dirt? ”
” you arrived in the right time annalot, you saved me just in time, thank you ann, thank you. ” irivine hugged Annalot so strong and tight and started to cry, her tears flowed like a river down her face, annalot patted her head and bruised her hair. both stood like that for a time.
” vine, listen its true that a knight can have his own maid isnt it? ” asked Annalot
” yes ann, it is. ”
” so… vine, be my maid, this way i can protect you from that old man. ”
” annalot… i… ” irivine hold on annalot even tighter now ” sure ann, sure ill be your maid ”
” im glad vine, im glad you agreed. ”
so the turbulent night was over, Irivine started to live with Annalot in the knights dormitory, but from that time on, Annalot had her first enemy. the cardinal from the old castle. and sure he would track her moves. she had fear of his political power, yet she believed the power of her spear, and the courage inside her heart.