there was a tale on those countries long forgotten, it said that there was a garden of roses beautiful as any other. this tale is for sure really old, so old that nobody nowdays know about it, maybe with the advance of humanity, such little things were being forgotten and died inside the heart of man, a few know this myth. and even fewer people tell about it. its fated to death, and one day, it will cease exist. before you lose your interest, let me first tell you part of the tale, and then you’re free do live your fast paced life. full of worries of this new age.

The Garden – Unknown Author

Passing the Sea of Mud
Dwelling the frost plain
tracking through the forest of thorns
arriving a cave, wait for the moonlight
once moon’s high, adventure into the dark cave
there thou shall face the worse enemies of a man
from this point on, brace, brace until thou art find a dim light
the moon now will tell you the way, but you must hear it with your spirit
not with your body, and you must hold dear to yourself. sanity is at risk
when everything has gone dark, your heart will somehow awake
awake to the facts, and then, it will lead you the way
still yourself, and just accept things
keep on, until you find true nothingness.
finding the nothing, ask him what now, and he’ll tell you
he’ll tell you things that its up to you, deny or not.
keep it on your mind, sanity is at risk, your very right of being human is on the line
Believe, the key is.
once you find a wall, a wall made of golden air, a solid wall made of golden air, you shall try to cross
but in order to cross, you must first understand it, and then, cross the wall.
crossing the wall, deny your senses. deny even your very human mind.
now, now you must be some other being, hold dear to your spirit now.
keep through the easiest way, there is no road or track to follow, there isnt even a floor to begin with. nor there are walls to tell you if you’re on the right way
keep dear your spirit, keep it near and hold it tight
once you learn how to speak without words, you’re almost there.
through the trials, you must learn how to listen without your ears, how to see without your eyes, and how to feel without your body, how to taste without your mouth yet how to smell without your nose.
when you learn all this. you face the place where the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end, at the same time.
there, you must learn to think without time. and then, learn how to imagine without space, later, inverse.
and when dusk becomes twilight and two become one. you shall find the garden;
a garden made of roses of all types, types that we human beings cant even imagine, smells that our flesh cant understand, colors that our eyes can even see.
feel things that our body cant even have a simple glimpse of a glimpse. and sure there are fruits, which flavor we wont be able to tell. and at night, dance with the creatures who sings songs that our ears cant even feel the pulse.
there, words will be useless. so we humans cant tell what they’re talking about.
looks like just a tale, but its real.
its real because.
I saw it, with the eyes i wasnt given, i felt it with the body i wasnt born, i heard it with the ears i wasnt supposed to have, i tasted with the mouth i never had, and i smelled it without this nose of mine.
go, go through the lands, search for it. thou art must start within yourself, and then, outside your own being, through the inside of others.

thank you if you managed until here.