#LCN Channel 12:48 9/3/2010

<tsukiyono> This is a story that is not so far into the past.
<tsukiyono> A man who worked nine-to-five at a desk in a cubicle stopped to have a drink on the way home. The bar was small and relatively quiet and he was only going to have a couple of beers before he left. It was no use being too drunk to get on the train home.
<tsukiyono> Sitting alone like him at the other corner of the bar, however, was a young woman. She was very pretty, her hair glossy and her clothes stylish–the only odd detail about her was the mask over her nose and mouth, but even that was not so odd, for many people wore them to stave off pollen and other allergens.
<tsukiyono> Emboldened by the one beer he’d already drunk, the man moved to sit down next to her and bought her a drink. She thanked him, and they made small talk.
<tsukiyono> He drank more than he had planned, and they stumbled out of the bar together, laughing. She asks him, “Am I beautiful?”
<tsukiyono> He replies, “Yes.”
<tsukiyono> She pulls him towards a narrow alley, he does not object. She asks, again, “Am I beautiful?”
<tsukiyono> “Very beautiful,” he answers.
<tsukiyono> She leans in, as if promising a kiss, and asks, “Am I beautiful?” again.
<tsukiyono> “The most beautiful woman I’ve ever met in my life,” the man answers, and leans in for a kiss.
<tsukiyono> She pulls the mask off her face–her mouth is a long slit, from ear to ear. She opens her mouth to reveal rows of gleaming, sharp teeth. “Am I beautiful?” she asks, for the last time.
<tsukiyono> No one ever saw the man again

tsuki said its just a ghost story from japan. well, still its a cool ghost story. stay around the heights for more.