Chapter thirteen – The Green Road Clash

sun breaks, the knights start again their travel to the high peaks of the north frontier. Annalot was concerned about last night shadow. doing her best to figure out what was it only one thing came to her mind.
” it was a scout. ” she said.
” what was a scout? ” enrich asked.
” last night i saw a shadow staring at the camps by a tall bush. i cant say for sure, since i just saw a shadow but then, it could be anything right? ”
enrich frowns, if it was a scout then probably a ambush was waiting for the troops at some point of the road, enrich asked for a stop.
” what is it enrich? ” said a knight with a long beard and two yellow frightening eyes, he was robust and with the heaviest armor amongst the knights.
” Apari, sir, Russel just reported that last night he thinks he saw a scout, sir. ”
“… scouts? ”
” no, just one, err… i mean… ” said Annalot.
” last night? a scout? are you certain? it could be any animal; ”
” sir, i cannot say, i just saw a shadow. ”
” a shadow? hmm… locals are telling stories about a ghost lately… ”
” ghosts? pft dont come with that sir Apari. ” said enrich laughing
” laugh as you can enrich, it have taken the life of seven villagers by now. ”
” pft, ghoststory who the hell believes those things. ”
” i do, got complaints? ” sair Apari.
” no sir… ” with that enrich recoiled.
the knights keep on traveling, not far were the mountains but it would still be a day of full walk, they would be walking over the night only sleeping when the moon hits the higher place in the sky. from a plain to a road surrounded by tall trees and tall grass, night was drawing and things were becoming darker. the wonderful scenery of the road was calming, green leaves of the trees falling with the blowing wind and the melody the tall grass was singing alongside the falling leaves. tranquil and quiet, everything was turning out fine on the road, some issues like a frog jumping out of the blue making enrich cry like a little girl, Apari’s cold jokes and annalot spacing out for no apparent reason.
then the forest become too quiet. no falling leaf, no singing grass, no crickets and the wind was cold and filled with malice;
” everyone, stop. ” said Apari ” get your weapons out of the wagon, its going to get wild out’ere ”
the air was becoming a bit heavier, and the feeling of uneasiness being drawn amongst the ranks. it was a ambush; Annalot’s first field battle.
” you, green one, its your first battle isnt it? ”
” yes sir! ” said annalot with a loud tune
” shh, quiet. listen here we are being slowly surrounded by them, do not go out of the ally circle, and as soon one of them enters the circle, try to bash on him as hard as you can. do not hesitate, they’ll wont do the same with you. gotcha? ”
” i guess… ”
the knights have stopped. one by one the uneasy feeling grew stronger. as if they were waiting for lady death’s appearance. then when a leaf feel down, a unwritten rule has been violated. and the enemy drew savagely out of the bush, hitting hard, the sound of clashing steel echoed through the closed forest and sparks of fire rose up to the white moon. arrows flew around but no one has been harmed, fast as he could enrich teamed up with another two knights and they rushed to the bush, taking two archers and throwing them inside the circle, annalot had no doubts, she just jumped and struck her spear at the chest of one, but behind her came a knife. with no delay she dodged it and when sight allowed her to see the face of her foe, she saw a woman. blue eyes, white hair, face as if a fairy and a fierce expression.
” what is this… ” said annalot astonished.
the woman saw annalot’s flail and used it to unsheathe her sword, she sliced it on the air aiming annalot’s neck. With a blink, annalot crawled down and unstuck the spear out of the archer’s body. the woman, without stoping the swinging motion, swiftly chanced to a downward strike. annalot rolled on the floor and brandished her spear on a arc aiming the woman’s legs. the woman jumped and took distance, from behind enrich came and delivered a hard punch at her backs, she was projected towards annalot, who swiftly dodged the woman, who by chance rolled out of the circle.
the sparks of the battle were burning hard and mighty, no knight fell on battle and almost all of the foes ran away. but one stood even after the end. it was the same woman who fough annalot.
” i know of you. ” the woman said
” what? what the hell are you saying? ”
” i know of you and your secret, dont play dumb, it wont stand long. ” the woman said again.
annalot enforced the grip of her spear, as if ready to run into the woman. and so she was planning. until Apari leaped at her front.
” dont do anything crazy, this is the first survival rule russel. ”
” we will meet again knight, and our fight shall end. ” said the woman, and then she left running.
” what the hell was that? ”
” she was just a crazy woman, just it, thats why knights are all male. woman tend to get crazy and go wild and shouting shit at the battlefield, and getting all emotional and stuff. ” bragged enrich
” shut up enrich. ” annalot yelled at him.
” eh? what is it, i dont even… ”
” lets keep on going, this place is too dangerous for us to stop and rest. they might want to get us again while sleeping. and we need to rest a bit, this was a fierce battle. also, kudos russel. you did well there. scored a kill and even had a nice clash. but next time, dont let the enemy’s taunt reach over you alright? ”
” alright sir, ill do my best. ”
after a hour walking the forest, they reached to a rocky area, leading to the foot of a mountain. there they stopped and setup the camp. with watchers now, since they were waiting for another attack.