Bye Blackthorn. bye.

Today is a sad day.
for me today the color is gray.
into my veins cold blood
rush on its way.

Oh, one who took me away.
leading me realms astray
from old ages, to distant futures
from creating stars, to destroying cities
slaying monsters, Racing Dragons
fighting spirits, saving the world.

he is not with me anymore.
thats why today is gray
thats why my heart cries loud
man, dont go without me, take me away.

today my day is gray. the friend who made my life
more colorful
less painful
more fun
less sad
the one who made me forget griefs and sorrows.
parted away.

bye blackthorn. bye.
what i learned with you
all the places i went.
all the enemies we bent
all the adventures we went
will shine through time as a star
that even time’s doom wont make fade away.