Chapter fourteen – The Finest, Sir Apari

as the early bird flew the skies, the knights were already on march towards the north frontier. Apari leading the ranks through the rocky road, giving a few advices before they stopped at the mountain’s foot. the mountain was high, one couldnt see its peak, and there was a different air surrounding the place. the surrounding area of the mountain looked like a wasteland, created by a fierce war, there were any skeletons around either weapons or relics, all that were there was rocks, holes, cracks, not a single vegetable around the foot of the mountain could be seen.
” The legend tells, that in a age long ago, this world had mighty beings clad in magic, as they were powerful, wise they were too, and skilled as all of us together with our ancestors. humans called them Gods. each god had a realm, as the world is huge, and as there were many gods, there were many realms, the gods loved the world, for of their will it was shaped, and they found humans fascinating, for they were curious little living being able to think and bring up many new ideas and concepts. they treated the humans as their child, giving assistance and blessing their lives, for ages before the plague came. ” said Apari, looking high to the mountain top.
the knights were confused in why Apari was telling this story. Apari didnt noticed the knights at all. just keep on telling the story.
” the plague was black, shaped as the gods, and shape-shifting to beasts at will. they all had wings, of many shapes and kinds, the inhabitants of our world called them Black Angels.
as they started falling from the skies, from the start, they came alone, one angel per time, clad in many kinds of black armors bringing many kinds of weapons, and showing off devastating power. proving hard foes for the humans, and cunning foes for the Gods. ”
Apari stopped, and looked back to the knights, he smiled and said:
” we are entering one of those old realms, the realm of the deceased God of Light, the climbing is hard, and it may be dangerous, watch out all the directions and stay sharp on all your senses. this is going to be a wild climb. ”
” YES SIR! ” all the knights answered in a chorus
” please you all, my last request is, just dont die. remember always that, even the finest amongst the finest is just another man during the battle. ”
with that, they started to go up the mountain road, directed to its peak, the road was thin, and full of rocks, to one side, a wall of rock, to the other side, long, long fall to the ground, the wind was getting cold as high the road got, and soon at a point, one could see the lands divided as a quilt, this made Annalot’s eyes pleased, everything was so small, she was wondered by that.
when the sun stood high on the sky, right above the knights heads, they were already half way done, just some more hours going up and they would arrive the military base. everyone was having small chats and Enrich was telling some jokes, everyone was having a little fun just to not fall into boredom and to not feel the weight of this long stroll. when suddenly, apari cried loud.
all the knights duck as fast as they could, and apari deflected a arrow with his hammer, swiftly he leaned against the wall and told all the knights to do so, and proceed with caution
” just, what was that? ” asked Annalot.
” a Sniper man, its what we call a sniper, the terror of our lives, they creep around, waiting for us to walk into their aim, and when its nice to them, they let it fly and you’re dead. ” said Enrich
” you mean that, they aim for the head? ” asked Annalot
” of course russ, they always will aim your head, the bigger the better, one shot, one kill, thats a Sniper motto, assassins of the bow, they’re quite efficient,  nowdays we have many waiting to score you to their lists in the battlefields. ” said enrich
” you dont know a thing do you? ” asked Enrich
” dont look at me like that, they only teach me about how to use bows, spears, swords, shields, and how to wear a armor, i was never lectured about tactics or kinds of soldiers. ” said Annalot.
a arrow flew by enrich’s head, almost hitting, for a few millimeters he escaped
as the knights slowly proceeded, the sniper tried to score someone’s head, but the mountain road was composed of corridors, and as they reached a corner, one must turn to follow the higher patch.
” everyone of you, go! ” and this proceeded with apari crying the same line at each corner, but then, in one of those corners, the sniper let a arrow fly, it flew with the wind, and hit Apari’s unlucky eye.
” SIR! ” enrich cried, and went to help Apari, the sniper let another arrow fly, but enrich deflected it with his bare hands.
even though apari was pierced on the eye, by a arrow, he still could survive a small time, and those were his last words
” Enrich, seems that today was my day, fight has come to a end, one of the finest, has become a man again, forgive-me for letting you all in the middle of this battle… ” apari let a painful sound out and keep his speech ” i have not much time, report my death, remember my deeds and keep my words alive. you Enrich, take my helm as yours, leave me here with my hammer, and lead my knights to the top of this mountain, and to victory, my hope, rests… with… ” and then, apari died.
” move knights, we must get to the peak. ”
Annalot’s first ally death, she was moved by it to the deeps of her hear. as if a fire has been ignited. riot and hate burning as the summer sun. she looked to the peak with her eyes as a hawk’s.
the climbing not only took the life of Sir Apari, but of many other knights, from a large group of 26 knights, plus Apari and Russel as commander and sub commander, only 13 knights made until the last part of the road. were the patch split in two. Annalot looked to the opposite patch and saw far a figure of what could be a person.
” Enrich, take everyone to the base, im going to avenge Sir Apari. ”
” what? russ, no! We must keep on following our way, its too dangerous to go against a sniper straight fo… ”
Annalot didnt heard Russel. she just rushed to the oposite patch.
it was no use, and Enrich realized this before finishing his order.
” come knights, one has sacrificed his life, for the sake of ours. “