it was once said to me, that its our natural to wander the world. i was young when i heard this.
but yet, we are born in a place, and we get bound to this place, against our nature, yes, we get comfort and all there things that make our life, safer, and more convenient.
a traveler is a person who doesnt holds any bounds to any pieces of lands, thats what i think of them. they abandon commodity and this easy, and safe way of life. just because they dont want to keep on a single piece of land. they feel that, something calls, its a natural urge, as breath, eat and many others.

who is wrong in the end? the boundless traveler or the bound citizen?



once i went to a curious place, a place were everyone loved to study. they believed that there was nothing in the world that couldnt be explained by studies. everything had a reason, even the blowing wind, the shining sun, the flowing river, they even believed that the heart could be explained by reason. by logic.
i went to this place, i found it interesting and i wanted to learn a bit more from this place, also, i wanted to taste the flavor of their methodologically  cocked food, i wanted also to see if there was someone who could fix my watch, it was bugging me since sometimes it was important to know the hours, specially in some specific countries.
there was me. oh, my name, it doesnt matter right now. and it doesnt matter why i am a traveler also, specially because i dont know either. but back back to this story.
well, they had a nice gate, it was tall as house. and there was a small building next to it, it was the post, the place were you go and make registry to enter the country and stuff. i was welcomed by a handsome official.
” good day mister traveler ”
” oh, good day mister officer ”
we looked at each other, he was smiling energetically, i smiled back, and then he began the usual questions.
” how many days do you want to spend here? ”
as any traveler, we really dont know how many days exactly we want to spend on a country or city. but some of us set a specific amount of days to. i particularly go with the flow, if i feel ten days, then its ten days, if i feel four days, then its four days, i really dont give much though about it.
” its eight days. ”
“alright, so, how many there are in your party? ”
” just me. ”
” so, just… one… person ” he said while writing, most countries nowdays have it computerized but this one seems to be a bit behind in those terms, well, who cares?
” please come in so i can make your inventory ”
seriously? nowdays not much countries do inventory, normaly they just ask if you bear any guns, and let you bring one with you inside the country for self defense. but i guess, this is how things worked there right?
after making my whole inventory, he also asked me to read some booklets and to sign some papers. which wasnt much enjoyable. i did anyway, if you dont want to have problems, play as they play the game.
some hours later, i was inside the country, finally. it wasnt much different from the others, i mean, the houses were alike, trees without any specific decoration, the streets were all coherent and something i really liked. they had plenty signposts around, no way i could get lost. i followed to find a nice inn, cheap but nice.
i found one next to a pretty square, full of trees and with a fountain on the middle east section, there was a playground with many kids. birds all around and the air was light. then, i went to make my registration.
” good afternoon mister traveler ”
” noon miss innkeeper, i would like a room who is nice and cheap, for eight days. ”
” there we go, your name mister? ”
well, after the basics, she started some weird questions, and made my inventory, its common to a inn to make your inventory, so they will know what belongs to you and what not. but its not common for them to ask things like
” where did you came from? ” how the hell i am supposed to ask this? i dont even remember from where i came from, just to begin with. for starters i though that the woman was just trying to chat a bit, but then, she was writing it on a book. oh, again, nowdays most inns have a computer running the administration. but here, they use a book as well. maybe its this country’s costume.
after setting everything i went to sightseeing, first thing i noticed, there were many schools, and some tall buildings. i once stopped in front of one. those tall buildings were always like simple towers, and went high as they could, the tops i could see well, had owns featured as if looking the scenery outside the city. i asked a man who was passing by
” sir, i noticed that in this country, you have many of those towers. how do you call them? ”
” they’re the discussion halls, place were people gather to discuss about knowledge, and develop brand new ones. about everything you can thing of. the taller the building, the more influence it has on our knowledge. everyone goes to those, so we can still developing knowledge new. ”
” sounds interesting. ”
” yes it is. we develop knowledge in everything. ”
” everything? everything like, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography and so on? ”
” not only this, but many other things. ”
not that it wasnt interesting but… try to understand. i think that there is a limit to knowledge, i never went to a school, and yet i never get into serious problems. not that i dont like problems, they are what makes life less boring. but those guys, they went far from the acceptable.
there were normal knowledge discussion as physics, and language, biology, and many more, they discussed about money, about social theories, but then, i found something curious.
a discussion about, The Science of Living. no not biology, but how one should live. they had theories of what to do on many kinds of days, and how one should act and in what one should be based before act, almost like they were writing a ” instructions of life “. it was most bizarre.
they had stupid ones, like the right way to breath, they believed that even the mind could be explained by logic and reason. it was a real shock.
but then… i found the one who really bugged me a bit.
The Science of Traveling.
i found it kind of interesting, and i went in this discussion. well, i expected to found travelers discussing about what to bring, and sharing experiences, but instead, i found many scholars.
” hi ” i said.
” hello, you are? ”
after the introductions, i asked.
” so, where did you guys went in your travels? ”
” we never went on a journey ”
” oh, i see ” a bit different but i went on.
” what are you guys discussing? ”
” why one goes on a travel, we are. ”
” oh, so, did you guys found it already? ”
” well, particularly, i think that when one gets homesick, he goes on a travel. ” one of the scholars said ” arent you a traveler? could you help us with it? ”
” i think i can ” since i was going to spend eight days there.
” so, why did you leaved your country? ”
” i dont know… ”
” how come you dont know? ”
” really, i dont know what made me go on a journey. i cant remember. ”
” no, you do remember, you just dont want to tell us. ”
geez, i really dont know why. but those guys keep pressing me like something would pop out just like magic.
” really, i dont know why, i just felt like it. ”
” did you had a bad family? ” one of them asked
” i dont remember them. ”
” where did you came from, i bet it would be a pretty boring place. ”
” i dont know where did i came from. ”
they keep up with it, and started to discuss with themselves
in the end, they couldnt find anything reasonable, and asked again.
” why did you leaved on a journey? ”
and i said
” i just felt like whistling the world around. ”
” there must be a reason! ”
i left the place, it was obvious that i wasnt helping them in any way. and i though that, if i stayed, i would cause trouble. i took my things and the other day during noon i left.

maybe someday they will find out why im out on a journey