random entry here, yo, and all that stuff, well, let me begin with it alright?

first of all, im participating this nanowrimo thing, which is… in simple words. write a 50 THOUSAND words novel. if you think about it… its about 5 times ive written on The Young Knight until NOW. its like, a kind of thin nice readable book. 50k worth of words. pft, it means nothing to a storyteller right? WRONG, IT DOES MEAN WHEN YOU HAVE THE DEADLINE OF LESS THAN 30 DAYS,(since today is november 3 and the deadline if freaking 30 november so… i got a long way to go). just you get the idea? even if i wrote the young knight DIARY and wrote those 1k words chapters you guys are used to read. i would reach the deadline. but of course, there is no pressure, its not a contest nor anything, its just a challenge from myself to myself, nothing really to worry about ANYWAY.


see that traveler thing? im thinking on writing either about a knight or a traveler, but a traveler seems more clean and easy to deal than anything, and i could write something like… 5k words chapters and finish in ten days, because im a storyteller and traveler stories doesnt get those continuation potentialities as The Young Knight have. so it will probably be a traveler tale.

http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/757081  < this is my pagennzzz i wrote nothing really and im lost, HORAAAY im a storyteller so nothing to worry about RITE? RITE? I MEAN, RITE?