Oh, hi you, did you come to hear stories about traveling? well, I’m sure you did, because in this small, beautiful world, there might be many travelers, there might be more passionate travelers, but in this world, there is no such a traveler who lives just for the journey, as i do.
where are my manners? my name is Theia. where did i came from, where do i am going, and why do i journey the world, are the only questions i cant answer you.
there are indeed many countries, and there are indeed many places i can go, as there are many places i went. one thing i learned through my journey:

what makes the world beautiful is not the beautiful things. but the contrast between the sad and happy, the bad and good. white alone is not a beautiful color, as black nor any one of those are
but together, they can be as beautiful as one’s hand can master a paint. the ugly and beautiful, ever changing, together they make the beauty of my small yet charming world.
Because of this, i keep on going on my journey, it doesn’t matter if i feel lonely, it doesn’t matter if i feel tired, either hungry, hardships are what make the delightful moments of one’s life more bright, at least that’s what i think.  Mr listener, i travel, but i do not travel to anywhere, as i said, i don’t know where did i came from, for my memory only goes back to the day i started my travels.

would you like to hear this story?

Prelude: Whistle The World Out

It was a beautiful night, the wind was gentle, the sky was starry and the sounds of late midnight mimicked the silence as if it where a song. all i remember, all i can remember in that night, was a figure of a giant bird. from far, the gentle breeze brought the smell of smoke, black smoke, instead of clouds at the sky, there was a small cloud of black smoke coming from somewhere.
I was laying on the ground, on the grass, oh, the grass, it felt cold as it was midnight, but it was most comfortable like a bed, i couldn’t move my legs for hours, and the giant bird was always flying above me, going to the smoke, and back to me then, ah, yes, there was no moon at all. the sky was black as ever, but starry as i never saw. i was laying on the grass, unable to move myself for hours, and i watched this scenery until everything turned complete darkness.
the next hour i could notice, there was the sun, shining low as if it was daybreak, it was rising from behind the mountains, and there was no black smoke anymore. and i could move, but, i felt that i should stay there. i didn’t knew where i was, where i was going, i didn’t knew why i was there, i had doubts about my very self at that time.
all i did, was lay on the grass, watching the sky change from a mix of orange, purple, blue and yellow, to a bright cerulean as the sun shone higher and higher, becoming a bright silver ever shining disc on the sky. until the giant bird came.
it brought with him a small rabbit, it was dead. I looked at the Mr. Bird, i looked at the Mr. Rabbit, and soon my stomach said i was in need of food. and, before i lost my composure of human, and became a animal, i bowed in front of the Mr. Bird, and ate Mr. Rabbit’s flesh, raw. it had the taste of life. but Mr. Bird watched me as i ate. Mr. Bird was trying to tell me something but i couldn’t get it by that moment, maybe, because i was too hungry. then, when i thanked Mr. Bird for the meal, it flew high into the air. and let a sharp cry. that cry, that cry i could understand. he said:
” spread your wings, for you are boundless, no land nor heart will ever bind you. ”
and so i did. i stood up, and followed the blind road. it didn’t mattered where the road would lead me. i just walked it down, as if it was my life, as if i was born to walk down the road to nowhere.
I’m yet to feel such joy again. as i walked down the road, my mind became a start, my heart shone blue and rose up right above my head. and i started to whistle, until the very end of that road.