Story One – Upside Down

Day three

as soon as the sun started to break the cold night, i woke up from my warm bed and started packing my goods. this was the last day in petra, and i didnt had much interest on that city anymore. it was all beautiful of course, but i came just to see how a life turned upside down was, and i got a bit turned down with it. it was all the same as being upside up. nothing really to talk about.
i went to the inn lady and made my check out, as usual she asked if i would like a breakfast before leaving, but i said no, i would prefer to eat at a bakery, bread a bit of butter and some juice would be enough to me. leaving early is important, because every stop you make at a city, you must buy supplies, food, water, bullets, well not this time, i didnt fired a must make checks on your wares, but i did on the last city so it was alright, the morning at petra was quite charming, it would be better if the city were a bit more colorful, sure petra was a beautiful city, but it was so gloomy.
i leaved directly, didnt had anything on my way. i just stopped at the post office took my guns, and leaved after saying goodbye to the Mr. Conductor
” already leaving young traveler? ” he said
” yes sir, i said i would only stay two days, and i did, i only stayed at the inn for two days. ”
” aye aye, i could take you down to the mountain’s feet if you’d like. ” his offer was nice, it would be a great help to go down the mountain with a companion to talk in the way, but i rejected.
” no sir, thank you, i want to walk down that patch by myself. ”
” any special reasons? ”
” ah, no sir, i just wanted to feel the mountain as i go down. is there any danger? ”
” the road is all safe, traveler, you have nothing to worry. ”
” alright then, goodbye Mr. Conductor. ”
” farewell young traveler, good luck on your journey. dont forget the pasta country. ”
” but of course i will not forget it, hahaha. ” i laughed, he smiled back and i left on my normal pace. with my goodies on my back i put my feet outside petra, and as i did, i turned and waved in goodbye to the Mr. Conductor.
” bye! ” he waved back, and with that i leaved road down.
the roadside mountain was gorgeous. at night it was already, but during morning you could see how colorful the scenery was. first, the mountain itself, the trees bathed in morning sunlight with colors shining, yellow, orange, red, green, the browns, and grays from their trunks, also white flowers here and there. i started to wonder if white flowers were natural from this place, it could be right? oh, and as i looked to the view from up the mountain, the quilt that the patches of land made was also colorful, not only green from the grass, but there were gold, orange, red, and a wide range of yellows, at night i couldnt see, but there were small houses. the road was just a brownish line that went until the view couldnt see anymore. its curious but i always wondered who made these roads. the sky, ah i did miss the sky. it was blue, and Mr. Sun shining up there made me smile, at Petra, you had sunlight, but you hadnt the Sun himself giving it to you. somehow, this morning my heart was glad to see the sun again.
the breeze was gentle and refreshing, the road was nice and easy, a beautiful scenery. all this made me feel so happy that i started to feel lazy and think on stopping to enjoy it until i couldnt anymore. but those thoughts are brief, i cant think of myself without my journey to nowhere. i dont know where i came from, i dont know where i am going, and really, those are trivial questions. as long i can live traveling, and seeing wonders like this morning. or listening stories and learning mysteries, cultures and people. i will surely feel glad and satisfied with my small, human lifespan.
down the road, i found a man, alone sitting at the mountainside and looking to the overlooking scenery that the mountain’s heights gave to us. i looked at him, he was smiling and enjoying the breeze, a sincere smile as if he had everything he ever wanted to his life. its so precious, so pleasant to see someone smiling so sincerely. without anything in the mind, makes your heart feel light almost like you can fly together with this person.
” hey, young traveler. ” the man said as i walked by him
” oh, hello mister. ”
” you’re leaving petra right? how was it? ”
” about petra? its a beautiful curious city. they have nice coffees with live music at night, the inns are nice, and the people from petra is very friendly. ” that was my answer
” didnt you found petra’s people annoying? ”
” no, not at all, they’re just living the life as they want. there is nothing wrong with it. ”
” haha, i see. so you liked you stay? ”
” yes sir, i enjoyed it pretty much. are you from the city? ”
” i was, i left petra because i couldnt bear the way of thinking. it wasnt suitable for me. ”
” i see… ”
” i left, but i couldnt wander far, i went out the city and feel in love with the mountains. ” does that rings a bell? i was not sure at that time ” i stayed by the morning, and i decided to go a bit far from that city, so i could settle down comfortably here at the mountain, and enjoy all that there is to be enjoyed until the end of my life. ”
” it must be nice to live here at the mountains. ”
” sometimes it is lonely, but then you find that the mountain doesnt wants you to feel like that and sends all this enjoyable view and environment. the air, the plants, the animals, it feels like the mountain is alive and wants you to smile. to live enjoying it until the end. ”
i stayed silent, the man was talking with his own heart. it was true that he enjoyed the mountain, you could see by his eyes and his smile, as his eyes shined with wonder with every word he spoke.
” say young traveler, would you like to stay here? ”
” no sir. sure the scenery is enjoying, but i like wandering this world around. ”
” ah, it must be wonderful to live a life boundless as the sky. ”
” yes. ” my answer was brief. i needed no more words to respond that.
” ah, it makes a time since i last found someone to talk to. thank you young traveler, it was a nice brief talk, i hope you keep enjoying your journey, and i hope you to find many wonders beyond your very imagination. ”
” farewell sir. ”
” goodbye, young traveler. ”
i walked and left the man behind, enjoying the overlooking view of the mountain, when i got a bit far, a wind blew strong, i stopped and said
” farewell, Mr. Candle-liter ”
it took me some hours to go down the whole mountain patch. until the colorful village. ah, that charming village, kids playing around and animals free.  everyone enjoying the life carefree and happy, it looked like they didnt had to work. as i went by the road, i found the Mr. Elder house. he was sitting on a chair in front of his home. he waved and cried
” how was petra, young traveler? ”
” it was really beautiful, i enjoyed the scenery, the food, and specially the live music they have at their coffees at night. ”
” ahaha so you found it very relaxing, right? what about petra’s people. ”
” they were all nice, normally people dont talk with travelers much, but i had some conversations while i was wandering the streets they are a really friendly people. ”
” didnt you found petra’s people annoying? at any moment? ”
” no sir, they were just normal as usual, certainly they’re a curious folk. with their legends and way of thinking. ”
” aah, now i have to agree with you young traveler, i tried to live there but, when the time came, i couldnt live at petra anymore, and came to this village. ”
” is that so? oh, by the way Mr. Elder, what is the name of this village? ”
” we call our small habitation, Lily Laughter. ”
” such a fitting name for a charming village as this one. ”
his wife called him. i could hear. he stood up from his chair, waved and said.
” farewell young traveler ”
” goodbye Mr. Elder. ” i waved back smiling. and set my feet back at the road.
yes, we did chatted crying loud at each other, i found that conversation funny back then, as i reached the exit of the village, i stopped and laughed hard at it. the old man was a nice person, and had a nice person, and had a childish way of thinking. maybe thats why he couldnt bear Petra’s way of life.
Leaving the small city i checked my map and searched for the pasta country, it wasnt that far, so i decided to visit the place. as i did, a man was laying on the grass at the roadside looking to the sky. as i walked by he greeted me.
” good evening young traveler ”
” good evening sir. ”
” are you leaving petra? ” he said, looking up at the skies.
i looked up too, it was sunset, so beautiful with all the colors mixing as if some clumsy artist dropped ink all around his atelier. a light blue tune with the clouds orange and the horizon looked colorful as a faint rainbow.the sun was shining behind the tall mountains, i wished to stop there and enjoy it until the stars started to shine, but i should keep on going at least a bit more, traveling at night is dangerous, but i can handle it. and as response to the sir laying down the grass i said ” yes i am. ”
” how was it? did you liked? ”
” yes sir, it was a nice stay. ”
” i was once from that city, i left it with my brother a long time ago. ” he said, sighing as if he was satisfied with his life, and didnt wished for anything else, but a never changing pace.
” oh… is that so? ”
” i couldnt live at petra, it was a gloomy city for me. and everyone was always rushing and they never stopped to feel the wind. i wonder how that people can live without the sky. ”
” sometimes i wondered that too. ” that was true. people at petra didnt had the sky. and they didnt had stars either, just a stripe of sky and the rest was ground, i even became confused sometimes thinking about where was the up direction.
” i left with my brother in a journey, young traveler. ” said the man, gazing into the clouds. ” but i feel in love with this side road. the green grass and open sky. i found that it was so beautiful and i settled down here. i decided to spend my days with this scenery. ”
i remained silent, as the man said that i could feel that he had everything he ever wished for his life. such a simple man couldnt live at petra by all means.
” so, young traveler, how far will you journey go? ”
” i dont know… it will last until i cant move anymore. ”
” thats nice, its said that when men see birds flying, they feel like putting a feet on the ground and walk down the roads abroad. ” he said, and give a deep breath.
the wind was gentle, and the silence lasted for a few seconds until the wind took it away.
” say traveler, dont you want to settle down here? ”
” no sir, i cant think of my life without my journey. ” i responded.
” ahaha, it must be nice to have a life boundless, without roots. going where you please free as a bird. thats admirable young traveler. ” he laughed
” yes, it is. ” i gave a deep breath. my heart was full with joy, sometimes, some encounters we have on the road are wordless, but, something flows and fills you with good feelings.
” it has been a long time since i talked with a person. there arent many travelers and my brother never comes here to visit me. ”
” why is that? ” i asked.
the man stood up, wiped the dirt out of his clothes and said. ” we cant leave our places anymore. thats how things are played nowdays. ”
” ah, i understand now. ”
the silence lasted again. both of us looking up to the sky. and after a minute or so, i started to walk again.
” farewell miss. ”
and with that, a wind blew again. i stopped and said ” farewell, Mr. Florist ” and with that, i breathed deep and smiled, walking down the road again.

Story one – Upside Down. End.