there was a day when i was walking by the side of a river. this river was knew for its large population of ducks. there were many kinds of ducks. one could see them flying or swimming down the stream. it was also a spot for duck hunters, until the occasion i never meet with a duck hunter.

Story Two – Road Encounter: The Duck Hunter.

i was walking down the river in direction to the sea, it would be a long walk, taking me three days until i meet the waves of the giant blue. that day, the wind blew faint, but the weather was nice. there were no clouds on the sky, just the bright, open wide cerulean plains high above. the grass of that area was a kind of light green, the trees weren’t too tall, and scattered in a fashion so, that you could see the skies wide without having to look for a spot. the river currents were slow, and it was crystal like, so, that you could see the very river bottom, full of fish swimming foolishly against the tide.
the river had many bushes at its sides, some were small, some were a bit taller, they were dark green, some where almost brown. passing by one, i noticed someone crouched with its arms like he was holding a gun, as i got near, i noticed it was a hunting rifle. i made a brief stop, and out of nothing, whispering he said:
” try to not scare the duck. ”
i stayed silent. looking the man. he had full concentration, his eyes probably focused on his prey, a duck swimming the currents. two, three, four, five seconds have passed, the man pulled the trigger. and in the next second, the duck’s head spilled red blood down at the lake. i expected the man to start a party right there, but instead of being happy and overflowing with energy, the man just went into the river, took the duck out of the stream, paid his respects to the duck and remained silent for a entire minute. i just stood still there, silent, watching the scene until its end. then the man turned to me and said.
” thank you for standing still. ”
” oh, its was nothing… ” he was a polite man, tall, strong, and with a handsome face. he seemed to bear his thirty years. with a hat on his head, dressed all green and brown.
” this is my meal today. poor duck, i wish i could do something about you and your fellows. but i need to eat, and i dont know other way other than hunting. ”
” in the end, sir, did you really wanted to hunt this duck down? ” i asked politely
” yes young traveler, i didnt wished for it to die, just to make me full at night. but there was nothing i can do about it,  if i dont hunt, then i wont have anything to eat, and alas, there is no meat you eat in this world who didnt was al alive before. do you understand traveler? ”
” yes i do, but i never looked at it by it view. ”
” they say that animals have no feelings, they may be right, maybe they dont think, but we know so far that they feel fear, anger, pain, and other many feelings. my question is if there are rational feelings, or if they both are totally separate and different things of one’s existence. as if one came from the heart, and the other came from the mind. ”
i remained silent looking at the duck. the blood was still dripping from the bullet wound on his head. it wasnt sad for me, as a traveler there are many times when you must hunt animals down to eat something. thats why you must keep always extra bullets with you, both for self defense, and hunting.
” say young traveler, dont you find this world so unfair? while the strong always survive. the weak will always suffer. no matter how the time passes, no matter how much the things change, this will always be the same. the stronger will survive and the weak will suffer and die. the strong will always live in a wonderful world, and the weak will always see the world as the most ugliest thing. ”
” no, i dont find it this way. ” i responded him right away. ” because, the suffering of the weak will make him see the smallest things in a bright way, so that the strong will never be able to see so. ” i keep on talking ” and the strong, might be strong, but as he is used to success, the smallest fail at his life will lead him into suffering. for the only thing he knew until there was success. ” i was never so talkative. ” and as you see, the strong depends on the weak. the weak suffer for the strong, and the strong will repent after. there is a harmony flowing, and this harmony plays as a beautiful song who never ends. that is something to make the world beautiful. ”
then i went silent. the hunter also, and the silence lasted for several minutes.
” thats some true, young traveler. ”
” that is not true Mr. Hunter. this is just my guessing. ”
” haha, well played then. ”
then he finally smiled. tender, i also smiled back.
” dont you want to have a meal with me young traveler? this duck is fat enough to satisfy two persons. ”
” no Mr. Hunter, thank you. im on a long road until my next destination. ”
” but traveling at night is dangerous. you should take shelter. ”
” dont worry sir, i can deal with the danger by myself. i couldnt, then, i would be alive by now. ”
” we never know, young traveler. ”
” and it makes the world even more beautiful to me, Mr. Hunter. ”
silence lasted again for some seconds. then he said:
” farewell young traveler. ”
” goodbye, Mr. Hunter. ”
with that, we weaved at each other and parted different ways. it was still a long walk until the sea, and its blue waves.

Road Encounter one: The Duck Hunter. End