this country i went once was sure curious. i went to many places, from the most plain of them all, to the more exotic of them all. thats what i guess, after all there is no way one know the whole world for sure. the world is big, and under every little rock, there may be another world. just waiting you to discover it. thats why, one will never know the whole world. a human lifespan is too short to one know the whole world around. this country i went… was… how should i say? well, you will figure out for yourself one i start telling this story. may i begin?

Story Three: Towering to the Skies.

Day One

i wonder how such a city wasnt on my map. the man who sold me that one, said that it was the most accurate to his date. the man was old, so, if it was accurate to his date, then probably the map was also old. i didnt paid much attention to the details that time. but sure i would never be tricked anymore after it.
there i was, walking down the road, when i saw it, towering through the clouds. i was far, but it seemed like a needle. piercing the skies high. a tower, tall as i never saw before. as i aproached, i couldnt see any city, nor wall, nothing. but, the tower had small chimneys, as i get nearby i could see the white smoke going out of it. the road parted in two, one directing to the tower, and other directing to the way i was following.
i have a saying. if the map is inaccurate to a point you see another in your way. stop, enter, buy a better one, and follow your road. and so i did, i went to the tower. as i approached its entrance i started to notice how large its base was. and how many entrances it had. the road stopped at a certain point of the tower. and there i stopped.
astonished. i was astonished. the road went up twisting as snake tower up. and it was wide. not only this, it was so wide, so wide that a town could develop on it. and it actually did. there was a city being developed on its outside. but to my surprise, there was nobody on this city. i went in anyway, maybe everyone was inside for some reason.
as i went up inside the city, i found nobody, i even couldnt find a office. the first moving thing i meet was a small golem, made of metal.
it was painted brown, with scribblings on a charming fashion painted on him, all green.  at the top of its head there was a swirl carved. and it glowed alongside its eyes, who glowed gold.
” be welcome MR. Traveler. ” it said in a robotic way. and showed its hand. maybe it was for a handshake. and that i did. saying:
” hello MR. Robot. ”
” what brings you to Golineia, MR. Traveler? ” his robotic voice and gestures were cute as he was small and round.
” i seek for a map. but this country seems curious, i think i might stay here for a small time. ”
” you would like to stay for a small time? yes? ” i guessed he needed a confirmation of mine. i made up my mind.
” yes, i would like to stay for two days. ”
” acknowledged… MR. Traveler. ” i just wished he called me at least miss traveler, not mister. but he was a robot. this build of mine didnt helped the poor little thing in any way.
but then out of nowhere, the little robot printed a card, together with the card a folder, with the city map. i was impressed, officers there are the office post itself? pretty handy. any traveler would find it really convenient. other countries should have this, its a nice idea.
” have a nice stay ” said the little robot before going out on his patrol duty.
all i did after it was follow the map. and search for people. but all i could see were automatons, pretty much, robots everywhere. robots serving meals, nice meals i must admit. robots cleaning the streets, robots, robots and more robots. it was almost like this country was a artificial country made out of artificial inhabitants. it was curious, because, the map had a stripe on the higher layer saying: end of the outer country.
many inns there were on that country, each one had as a keeper a robot. i went higher as i could that day, and as twilight started to settle, i went to a balcony of the tower. it was stunning.
the sun setting down at the horizon, and the plains died in orange, the sunlight reflecting the lake and the dancing shadow of the trees. i have watched such spectacle so many times over my journey. but every time i watch it again, it is as if im watching my first sunset. the clouds, the grass, the shadows, the lights merging together and dancing. as if mother nature was commemorating the end of another day. the sweet scent that came from the outside, faint, and enchanting. and my eye was catch by a flower field not far from the tower. the flower field seemed to be work of man. its fences were rose bushes, and the insides had stripes of many colors. following a pattern of 4 different colors. it was beautiful to see the wind blow making them dance. i watched the sunset while it lasted. i wished it for be eternal. but the beauty on it, is the moment.
after the sunset i went to the nearby inn and was greeted by a robot innkeeper.
” good evening, MR. Traveler ” it said in a robotic fashion.
” good evening MR. Keeper ” i responded in a polite tune.
” how can i help you? ”
” i would like a room. just for the night. ”
” you can have it for free. ”
” whoa! is that so? ” surprising, i never found a inn with rooms for free.
” yes sir, just sign right here. ” again, it was unpleasant being called sir. im a girl, but i guess, again, my build didnt helped the poor little thing, out of what would be the robot’s mouth, came a sheet of paper, with a line, i signed it and the robot sip the sheet back into his mouth.
going up to my room, i found that it was way gorgeous to be for free. i asked then
” you sure it is for free? ”
” yes it is ” it responded
” really? arent you making any mistakes? ”
” no sir. this room is free of charge. ”
” oh my… ”
it was a really gorgeous room. the bed was perfect, it was wide, everything was confortable, and my window had what i think, the best window i ever took on a inner country.  i also could see the starts perfectly, for the city was in perfect dark. the moon was full, and almost yellow, giant glowing at the skies. and after having a comfortable and refreshing shower. i went to my bed.