Story Three – Towering to the Skies

Day Two

as soon as i woke up the morning sun was gently entering through my window. the skies were a bit more cloudy than usual. but there were still plenty cerulean sparking sky. from far the melody of the birds went into my room. the window was in a perfect spot. and with that i realized how well positioned was my window.
since there was nobody around, i just sat by the window and watched the scenery a bit, sighing to the beauty of mother nature at that day. colorful birds flew by in a formation, remenbering a giant triangle on the sky. the only thing missing was the movement of people at the morning rush. nobody to see, far as your sight could reach. i felt a bit lonely and i wondered, how is to live alone in such a place, surrounded by robots? day after day, being the only human?
the innkeeper brought me a full breakfast, toast, ham, eggs, some stripes of bacon, lemon juice and a bowl of cereals. i asked it:
” how much it will cost, Mr. Keeper? ”
” its free of charge, MR. Traveler. ” it announced in a robotic voice.
” as expected, oh well… ”
i accepted anyway, it was free of charge and the eggs looked delicious. not only that, but its rare chance, to take such a amazing breakfast with this breathtaking view. i was glad that i found this country by chance. before i left, i asked the Mr. Keeper about where i could find a nice map on that city, the keeper pointed me directly to the place, it was high on the tower. a expected place for a map store, after all, the higher, the wide the view.
i wandered the empty city, some machines here and there, nothing new though. it sure was a great place to live, i wonder why did anyone lived here, many people i meet would be happy of living in such a place. it was a shame nobody lived around.
” hello ” i said, entering through the shop’s door. there i found another robot, probably the one taking care of this small business. it was tall, and on the place where should be its eyes there were huge goggles. one of its hands were a pen, the other was a clipboard. it had yet another hand mimicking a human’s.
” welcome. Ms. Traveler ” this one could see that i was a girl, well, i would be a lot disappointed if not, after all, its eyes were goggles.
” i come in search of a map, a good one, it doesnt needs to be… ” before i could finish my request, the robot started searching through the shelves. as frenetically looking through books and pieces of paper, until it brought me a small, thin book. i opened it and inside, i found the map im using up to nowdays, its accurate as nobody’s. and i sometimes think that even the best cartographer couldnt have done better. after all, that machine was designed just to it.
” but hey, ” i said ” i cant pay for it. ”
” its free of charge, Ms. Traveler ”
” how come? such map be free of charge? its well drawn, and all neat, the work is almost perfect. ”
” thank you for your praise, Ms. Traveler. ”
” but wait. you sure i can take it for free? ”
” by all means. ” it said in a robotic fashion.
well, if the Mr. Cartographer-bot said so. then it would hurt to take such a piece of map by free. thats what i though, and i dont regret it. no, by all means i dont. instead, im grateful to the Mr. Cartographer-bot, for giving it away to me for free.
still, there was something i wanted to know. all i knew was of the generous outside of the tower country. but, what was inside? was just it a empty tower? before leaving i asked the Mr. Cartographer-bot what was inside the tall tower.
” our master, Ms. Traveler. she lies inside the tower all the time. she doesnt likes the sunlight, and lives alone inside the tower. we all are her children. ” said it in a artificial way.
” your master? ”
” yes miss, if you feel like paying her a visit. im sure she would be appreciative of your concern. ”
” then by all means. ill visit her. ”
” thank you, Ms. Traveler. ”
i left, going up the tower, in direction of the tower entrance. it was a huge portal, without doors to shut it. the yellow stones shining bathed by the morning sunlight. the sky shining blue and getting cloudier and cloudier. seemed that it was going to rain. i gave a last look to the sky, and went into the tower. as my feet went in, i felt a chill running down my spine. was it warning me of something? probably yes, a traveler doesnt have those senses accurate for nothing. they stay dormant until there is something  wrong with it. they never lie, never have lied to me. if i was to see something scary, then it would wake up and warn me of. preventing a traveler from dangers, thats what our senses are trained for.
the tower inside was a bit darker than the outside. there were many windows, but still the illumination wasnt enough to lit the entire tower. the many windows of this tower were large and wide. one could see the sky through without much effort. there were many bridges linking one side of the tower to the other, as there were many houses build inside, but not a single human soul living there. by the way, there was signal of people living inside. books stored in a organized fashion. things well post and stores looking just ready to receive people inside. i could also notice what would be coffees but not a single soul there. it seemed too, sometimes, that the citizens of this country just evaporated from it leaving no signal. food here and there. cups with drinks to its full content. everything real dusty. there were some tables with papers scattered as if they were doing some kind of research, and by the looking of the papers, they were what i could call, magical research. what that could be? the more near the bottom i get, the more seemed that people used to live there. then when i arrived the bottom. i found a huge house.
its lights lit. and it seemed that someone lived in there. i went to the front door and knocked thrice.
” excuse… ” i said politely
” yes? what is it? oh! ” all i could hear was the sound of a small girl, and by the tune, she was surprised in seeing a human being. without hesitation, she opened the door. fast as she could, as soon as i saw her face, i could define her as – a cute, little witch – she was about one hundred forty five centimeters tall. her face was of a angel, her hair was dark purple, as the last color of the rainbow, with curious shining spots as if her hair was the night sky, and these spots the starts there. she had a hairpin in the shape of the moon on the side of her hair. her eyes were honey colored, remembering of the sun, her figure was of a angel, dressed in a coat made for wizards, at her hands there was a pointy hat, suited for those.
” oh my! welcome! welcome! please come in! ara, its has been a time since i last saw a human. please take a seat, would you like some tea? ”
” oh, excuse me. ” i said while she pulled me to the insides of her manor. ” young mistress, you live alone in this country? ”
” alone? oh no, no no no. i dont live alone. ” she responded. taking the teapot and serving some breed of tea, which had a delicious smell.
” no, i meant, besides all those golems. ” clearly they were the pinnacle of technology. but of magic. therefore, they’re not robots. they are golems. automatons created and moved by magical energy.
” no, i wasnt talking about the golems. we all build them. and we all take care of them. ”
” excuse, we? ”
” yes, we. ”
” we, who? ”
” me and everyone else. ”
i got confused at that time, who was everyone else? since the Mr. Cartographer-bot said that there was only one person. as he said that the master took care of them. if it was so, then, who were the others?
” excuse little miss. ” i politely asked ” but who are the others. ”
” everyone else who lives in this country. ”
” but then you said that it was long since you last saw a human. ”
” yes it was, but who said they are humans? ”
” wait, they are not humans? what are they then? ”
” they are the stars. ” she said, as she said that, her eye shone, the sparking points at her hair shone also, as if what she said, had some important significance. i didnt understand, how would stars live in a country? dont they belong to the sky? what would stars do inside a tower? so many questions, and most of them, were left unanswered at the end.
” stay with me, until the night. then you will see them, the star people, the true owners and masters of this country. ”
” little miss… ” i hesitated asking this. ” by chance, how old are you? ”
” miss traveler… my age doesnt matter. in stance, the answer you seek, lies in the time of the man. and by this reason, i cant give you any answer. ” she breathed, in a pause, and looking at me on my eyes, with her sun-like eyes, as if not looking at the flesh me, but my very soul. she said. ” the answer i can give you, is in the time of the universe. ”
” i understand. miss… ”
” call me Arshe. Miss Traveler. ”
she had the look of a small, charming, and cute girl. as a small angel. but the composure and elegance of the highest royalty there ever could be. her gestures were of a princess, elegant and beautiful. as her hair and eyes were enchanting.
” Miss Arshe… ” again, i couldnt finish my sentence.
” call me just by Arshe. we are friends, miss traveler. you dont have to call me by miss. ”
” oh, sorry, also, where are my manners. my name is Theia. ”
” such a fitting name for a boundless beautiful bird. its nice to meet you Theia. ”
we chatted about so many things, she asked for my stories and about the outside world. as i asked her about magic and her life with the stars. in a small amount of time, it seemed that we were the best friends. it looked like we knew each other for a long time. it was a pleasant time, even though it lasted long, it was pleasant. i dont know, how, but s single, small noon, lasted for a entire day and beyond. i wished for that moment to never end, and arshe’s eyes told me the same. but, again, nothing that lasts forever, is beautiful. the beauty is in the moment. not the eternity.
the clock rang six times. announcing the evening. then arshe said:
” Theia, i believe you would like to know everyone else right? ”
” of course, i never saw the starts from near. ”
” you will love them, everyone is so nice and friendly. they just come at night. but please theia, promise me something will you? ”
” what is it arshe? ”
” if a start looks directly to you, dont look back at them. that is the main reason i live alone here in this country. ”
” why is that? ” a asked arshe that
” when someone looks directly to them, this person feels a urge to become one of them. and as the stars are sensitive to wishes, they will realize it, and you will become one with them. ”
” as, another star? ”
” no theia. they will consume you. making the you now disappear, and merging your soul with theirs. to burn through the eternity. “