story three – towering to the skies

day two, part two

it was night when we went outside, for first, it was pretty much normal, nothing different, but then, they started to show up, as if they were always there. bodies, bodies made out of a deep dark blue, full of glistening dots, remembering the night sky. those were the starkind, they were not humans, either animals, they clearly had no flesh, no face, and no expressions, but were shaped as human bodies, and their shapes were of dressed human bodies, resembling wizards. they gradually appeared over the tower, some were drinking, some were reading, some were chatting, they were doing so many kinds of different things, that the movement seemed like a real country.
” see theia? those are the Starkind. if you’re wondering, the starkind were wizards before, and this you’re seeing right now. is the payback of our sins. the universe is not to be studied, the secrets of the universe may remain as secrets, forever. they are secrets not to protect us. but to protect the universe itself. ”
i remained silent, as the small sky-like girl guided me through it. the starkind looked straight at me. i didnt even lanced a gaze into them. just as Arshe had recommended me.
” i know you want to ask about it theia. you dont have to do so, i was planning on telling it to you. here is the story of my country. ” as arshe guided me through her country showing me her people, she also told me the brief story of her place.
” when our country was still small, ages ago. we had a small settlement located right at where the basis of the tower is. every wizard in the country had their own research, including me. but as the researches advanced, the more similar our questions started to get. until our questions started to be directed to the great mysteries of the universe. ”
” arshe, why do the wizards researched this much? ”
” to reach what i am now. ” she gazed at me with her sun-like eyes. ” as our researches joined in the same direction, we understood that we should be more near each other, in a way to make communication easier, and sharing even so. our leader at that time, proposed that our country should be transformed in a tower, this way, we could make use of a single structure, live in the same place, and also share our discoveries faster. it would be good to everyone’s research. ”
i remained silent, as she keep on telling her history. one curious thing was, i was more enchanted by her beauty than the starkind’s. i dont know if it was her hair, her cute gestures, her eyes, her voice, i just was enchanted by that small person.
” the ages went by, we build a tower tall enough to pierce the heavens, the city outside was for normal people to settle, and receive travelers, in a way that the country would be able to grow stronger economically and bring fruits to us, on latter days. because to wizards, everything that matters is their research. as the years passed, our advances became faster and faster, they started to learn about the stars, the space, the time, they started to learn about laws that ruled the universe, and develop spells to break them. they developed also, knowledge on how to craft stars, and how to mimic space and time. our magic was becoming stronger, stronger and more stronger. there was no roof to our advances. but there was lying danger. we didnt saw it before it happened, because our objective finally was in front of our very mortal eyes. we wizards knew that in order to conduct, we had to live long, and the best we could do was enhance our life to live about a thousand years. but it was near a end. i was only one hundred years old when they discovered it. when they discovered Immortality. ”
i remained silent, i had no questions at that time, and why should i bear any? it was clear to me, they just had a wish for wisdom, they just wanted to be mighty, its part of the new human nature, to want to be mighty, to be eternal. i let she keep telling her history, and i could feel that she knew i was paying attention to her.
” we were eager to develop a spell to turn it into reality. death was something that no wizard should fear anymore. we had the key to break the bound of life, and make it rise to the skies and beyond. we just learned that mimicking the universe, we could live forever. we should just insert into ourselves a fabric of time and space, and make it expand inside a small body, doing so, we would be eternal. but our calculations went wrong, and the disaster happened. ”
” the disaster was… ”
” yes theia, the disaster was what you see right now. as we started the great spell, all the wizards together, we lost control of it, and before we could notice, the bodies of the people from the outside country disappeared, their souls were absolved by the magical swirl and there was nothing that we could do about it. the energy was so, that it started to take its own way and in a single hour, it transformed a third of this country’s wizards into the starkind. neither humans, neither animals, neither flesh, neither soul, neither stars they were. but a mighty existence.
the other wizards were consumed in seconds by the starkind. and i was left alone in this country, then it happened. ”
” what did happened Arshe? ”
” i wasnt like this back at that time Theia. i was not small, i was a beautiful lady, but then, the swirl was still spinning strong. i didnt noticed it. i just rushed into my house. and due to my, i dont know if this is luck, or misfortune, but, the swirl started to fall, and it fell right above me. when it feel, the spell was complete. and i become what everyone else worked so hard to be. i am something now, that resides between the gods, and the mortals. something that cant die, something that have a mighty power, beyond my own imagination. something who can rule the rules of the world. and break them as i please. but i cant rebuild the world, i cant rewrite them, i cant create new things. i am might, almost as a god. but i am still not one. ”
” and the mysteries of the universe? do you know them? ”
” no, that is why i am not a god, but still a wizard. ”
” i see. ”
” now i live alone inside this tower, the starkind is afraid of me, so they dont mess with me. the only things i have are the golems. the other countries dont know about us. we became nothing but a tale in this new world. and its better to keep the things this way. ”
she was leading me to some place. i didnt knew what place was it. what kind of things i would see there. it was a huge building at the top of the tower. with solid doors and shut might as anything else. i ever saw.