Story Three – Towering to the Skies

Day Two – Part Three

and with a single movement of her hand, Arshe made the door wide open in front of my eyes. the insides were like what one could call a laboratory, full of tools and giant machines, pieces all around and a stair that went up higher. arshe went in first, i stood outside. then she looked back and said.
” come theia, there is a thing i have to show you here, before you leave. ”
i went in after it, without making any questions. i cannot say i wasnt afraid of that all. that small girl, beautiful as the sky itself, no, i can almost say that she was the child of the very sky above us. i could believe that that small beauty was so mighty, powerful and, she also looked wise. her ways of talking and the much we conversed back at her house, to me she was wiser than all the scholars i meet together.
” arshe ” i questioned her ” why did you brought me here? what is so important for me to see? ”
” dont be afraid ” she said ” i want you to see this ”
and as we went inside my curiosity began to burn.
” may i ask you a few questions arshe? ”
” you may ask all the questions you please, i will gladly answer then all, if i can. ”
” what is this place? ”
” its the golem workshop. this is the place were i craft all the golems you saw outside. they’re made of any material i can get, shaped in magic, and moved by magic. they obey to their very nature. and never stray from the rules presented to them. this place is also a observatory, its deactivated now, but i still run experiences at its top. ”
” thats what you’re going to show me? ”
” one of my experiences, the dearest to me. ”
” i see… arshe, another question. ”
” what is it theia? ”
” you said you looked older. ”
” yes i do, i do look older than i look right now. but by some reason, i cant shift back to my old self, only if i really need power running. then my body changes to its original shape. ”
” its rather marvelous, i feel like im seeing a entirely new world, inside mine ”
” its because when science was being developed. the magic stayed as it always was. but, the people developing science made it more popular, and condemned magic. they still do so, magic does not bring doom as science says it does, magic brings the same doom as science brings, depends on the people who are using it. but, since science advances faster than magic, it spreads faster and its progress is stronger. but, this is the great problem with science, the progress. ”
” why is the progress a problem? ”
” its just my point of view theia. i think that people tends to become blind with progress. the doom of my people was due to progress. the doom of yours, will probably be progress too. the universe is endless, progress can go forward as much as it wants. but a planet has its limits, and it will crumble the more the progress goes further. science also negates our emotions and souls. doing so, it becomes a monster. blind and beserk, bringing down everything that is not it. as it did with magic. ”
i remained silent, it seemed that arshe hated science. for some reason.
” theia, i do not know science to bear such a hate, but i dont see why it needs to put down the beliefs of people, i dont know why it must deny magic and condemn it, i dont know why its so blind and fast, what does it aims for? what is it goal? what achievements it wants to take, at least magic had, and it would stop reaching it. ”
” does magic goal was to reach god? ”
” it was not, magic’s goal was to turn people able to perform miracles, but it didnt want to make people might as the gods. it also had a philosophy. many wizards tried to do things that brought doom, but magic has its own way to stop those. silencing them. science rather does not, and together whit its development, people will want to use it to their interests, without thinking on the others, and thus, it will bring doom upon everyone. ”
” you’re saying that, science is more dangerous than magic. ”
” since everyone can use it. it becomes a really dangerous thing. but this is the point of view of a witch theia. a scientist would maybe say the same thing about magic. but magic can say something that science can not. ”
” what is it? ”
” magic never tried to shut science down, as the science did with magic. and when the world crumbles apart because of science. magic will save those who believe in it. ”
” it will? ”
” at least, i will theia. ” Arshe smiled, and with her words i felt glad.
we climbed the stairs, and when we arrived the roof, there was a small glass with something inside, it looked like a black water, but as i approached i was astonished. there was stars inside it.
” its my experiment theia, i call it, the Starcrafting. ”
” why do you have such a thing? ”
” theia, my greatest fear is the human race. their new behavior, its just bestial. killing each other, feasting upon mother earth frenetically, ignoring the effects and moving forward forward and forward. theia, i think that this will bring their doom. and i almost can feel that the more people settle down, the worse the situations rise. ”
i stayed silent, dazed by the small stars
” that is why, im trying to craft planets out of it. with magic its possible, and doing so, i will take flight with a few dozen chosen ones. and we will live in this planet. ”
” will you take everyone? ”
” no theia, only those who can believe magic, and those who doesnt love science. i dont want science to be with us. magic alone sustained the human race for ages long. and this is the first age of science and i see the world already showing signals of being tired. ” she looked with tender eyes to me ” theia. i want to give you this. ”
then arshe took from her small chest a pedand, shaped as a swirl. glistening rainbow, faintly. and she said:
” theia, if you accept this, you will never die as longs as you bear it with you. ”
” arshe, i dont want to live forever. i cannot accept. ”
” you dont want to live forever? ”
” yes, there is no point on living long, i am not to accomplish anything, to meet any goal, either to achieve something. i just want to live my life as a traveler and enjoy it. simple, tender and calm. ”
” you’re more wiser than you thing you are theia. ”
” i just know what i know. ”
after it, we went back to her home, where we had dinner, then tea with cake, and chatted until we passed out that night. if i can say i have a friend, then Arshe probably is my only one.