Story two -Towering to the Skies

day three

it was morning already, me and arshe were together at the living room, sleeping in the sofa, because we chatted the whole night. i woke up first, and to my luck, i could see the small sky witch sleeping peacefully. a darling scene of a small princess, with the hair like the night sky and the eyes like the sun. as i started to gather my things, which a golem brought here by night, Arshe wakes up.
” morning theia, did you sleep well? ”
” yes i did Arshe, thank you. ” i said.
” you’re leaving today dont you? ”
” yup, many places to see, many things to learn. ”
” i understand. i cannot lie, i wish you could stay, but i understand you, i know you must wander the world. this is your main reason to be, right? ”
” Arshe, i loved spending those last days here. i really did. but, by all means i want to keep on my journey. ”
” dont hold back my friend. its only natural to a bird to want to spread its wings and fly, you’re the same as the wind and sky, boundless. ”
i laughed, as she stood up and started to help gathering my things, as if she were doing the last thing she could do for me.
soon as we finished gathering things, we started to climb the tower again, this time there were no starkind, neither anything, just the plain and desert tower. it was so curious, at night, this giant tower becomes full of life, and motion, for the starkind is still alive, and still bears the desire for their research.
the sky was sparking cerulean and the white clouds shining bright. the scent of flowers surrounding the area. as soon as i felt it i remenbered the white flower field outside. and i asked right away.
” Arshe, there is a white flower field outside the tower there isnt? ”
” yes, there is one… ”
” it seemed well cared, you know who takes care of it? ”
” nobody does anymore. it was cultivated long ago. ”
i remained silent, i was sure that there was more than that, arshe did wanted to say something else, but i refrained from asking so, somehow, i felt a melancholic air coming from her when i asked it.
we keep going up the tower and as we set foot outside at the tower’s top, arshe said.
” i wish i could go back to my old life, i really with i could, it has been ages since i didnt had so much fun. ”
” why cant you live as you did before arshe? ”
” i cant leave this place, if i do, the starkind might start running out of control and start spreading the world. they’re monsters theia, they’re existence eaters, i cant allow them to just roam the world like the please just because they want to. they will eat any existence they can, in the first chance they get. they’re doom theia, and as a witch, i must control them. magic is not meant to bring doom to the world. ”
i understood that as easy as it seemed. arshe was concerned about it all. and nobody knows how long she would get stuck into that tower researching for a solution to this problem, even though she was half god, even though she was almighty. there was nothing she could do, to something that didnt belong to this existence. it wasnt her fault, rather, the creation of the starkind was fault of the wizards eagerness. being eager makes people do things as fast as they can, so the results come in less time than expected.
we went down the tower,  the scenery was nice, but there were more birds flying than normal. side by side we walked and chatted about many trivial small things like the cake we ate and how amazing was arshe’s breeds of tea. i told arshe some of my stories, and the time flew by as we walked. before we could notice we were are the tower’s feet.
it was twilight already. the sky was orange filled with purple, cloudless and the moon was shining in the sky. i was looking to the horizons, as arshe was too. i gave a steep forward, and ashe stayed at the same place. with my second step forward, ashe said:
” it was good to have such a nice traveler visiting me. thank you theia, thank you very much, i never had so much fun in ages. if you could come back to visit me sometimes. ”
” who knows, if the wind takes my way to this tower again, be sure i will be paying you a visit. ”
” i hope the winds blow in my favor, really theia, i enjoyed your company. i will never forget this last day, as the eternity lasts, i will tell your stories to the others who per chance pass by. you lore shall never be forgotten my dear friend. ”
i remained silent, looking to her face, so i wouldnt forget my dear friend, witch of the sky, Arshe. with her starry night sky-like hair, and her blazing honey colored sun-like eyes. her beautiful white and silky skin, her small elegant cute and beautiful  gesture, as if she was a small princess. her royalty air, and her smile, shining like it was the world birth. that was my witch friend Arshe. the half-god witch.
i turned around, and started to walk by. just to hear her calling my name and saying:
” farewell, my friend. ”
” farewell. ” that was my response. with two more steeps. arshe stopped me and said:
” theia, you sure you dont want to stay with me? i know its selfish to ask. but, dont you want to stay here? ”
” i do want arshe my friend. but my heart cries louder, asking me to go to far away and wide. to go to distant lands. to meet new people and to see new things. i was born to do so, or at least that is what i  believe i must do. ”
” i understand, im sorry theia, im sorry for holding you back. ”
” its alright. i understand you too, staying alone in such tower for so many ages. without anyone to talk, i understand you. ”
” then, farewell theia, may the wind guide your way safely. ”
” thank you arshe, until we meet again ” i really meant it. i would return at some point to check on her. i dont know if it was my first bound, but my heart was tearing me in pieces, pushing me foward to the road. the wind blew and i felt cold drops on my neck, was it arshe’s tears? or was it just my impression?  that i do not know.

Towering to the Skies – END