it was some time ago, when i was wandering through the north lands. by that time i was learning of how wide our world is, and how many things were different. the hatred of the people of the north was unexplainable, but it was small, in a way that many bounds between different folks could be formed and a new folk would born from that alliance. the human beings are one of the few ones who divide themselves in groups, who many times, the only difference they bear, is the group’s name. also there are some people who actually, doesnt fit in any group, and as those ones gather together, they start to live as a new group, and wander the lands alone seeking for they place in the world. a example of those, are in the following story i will tell you.

Road Encounter: The Mad Bikers Gang.

it was noon, the sun was setting over the horizon and the sky dying it in orange colors. the grass in that area had a refreshing smell and the trees around were in bloom, with yellow flowers on them. the road i was going down was called the great crosser, it was what the people of north called the great road who cut through the entire north area from west to east. build as the main road linking all the north countries, used by travelers for years since its completion, the countries provided small settlements through it to serve as checkpoints to us. so our travel would be easier. it was also said, that the road itself was more than a road. it was indeed a alternative country, a battleground and a place were the legends of the new age are born. at this day, at noon, i meet with a group of five bikers. in cool black motorbikes, they were five.
a small one, with a blond hair tied in a ponytail. though he was small, he was tough. a tall one with a straight face, and a smile on it like he could start laughing at any moment. with a black helmet written on it ” falcon ” with a punch drawn on it. two bikers were twins, they both had a black helmet on their heads at the center of the helmet a small needle of metal towering with a spearhead at its top. the difference on them were that one had a rhino drawn on his helmet and the other had a bucket drawn. and, a fat one, with a angry face like he could eat you at any moment, had a helmet with a skull in blaze drawn there. i know, their helmets are laughable, but just you wait.
i was walking at the center of the road when they were coming in high speed in my direction, i stopped, and they stopped right in front of me. i looked at the fat one, he looked with a angry face back to me, and opened his big mouth.
” oreaa ” he shouted ” wazzahell yo’re doin man? get outta mah way! ”
” excuse? ” i politely asked i couldnt understand well what he was saying, so much accent and a very specific way of talking i never heard before.
” scuzza? wuzzehell yo think yo’re talkin to pal? ”
” sorry i couldnt understand. ” i politely said ” could you repeat please. ”
” aarg i said, wuzzehell do yo think yo’re takin to? ”
” excuse phantom, his accent turns it dificult to understand him ”
” EH? dun screw with me eaaaa! ”
” he is asking you to… ”
” whozzehell said imma asking that travellar? ”
” arent you? ”
“… uh… excuse me… ” looks like they got into a fierce conversation. and the way it looked, it would end being a mess, i was holding my laugher from the start.
” anyway, traveler, could you… ”
” yeee, watcha out the way ya talk bro, we’re the Mad Bikers Gang! we dun aska none! ”
” but this is impolite. ”
” whozzehell freakin cares? ”
” people do. ”
” screw people ”
”  excuse… ”
” wat? ” both said at the same time.
” we are here for a time already, and i’ve got to go, please could you allow me to… ”
” dun screw with me eeaaa! wozzehell ya think ye are? tellin the mad bikers gang wat we shoulda’do? dun screw with me eeaaa! ”
” but i… ”
” shuzza trap up! yo’re goin anywher! ”
i put my hand at my gun, read to drawn it out, in case of a attack, i would drawn it out and shoot for good, a traveler must know when it is necessary to drawn his gun out to protect his precious life.
that i understood right away, i ducked with all my might. and as i ducked i heard a shoot, the bullet passed above me and as i turned to see who fired it i saw another group of bikers. five they were too, with black helmets all. one was tall and beefy, looking like a mountain, he was shirtless and had a funny face resembling the one of a polite man. one was middle stature with goggles and a top hat as a helmet, it was black with a white stripe saying: WE ARE THE… and the rest i couldnt read. the other one was thin, and small, had a face of a crocodile, and his fangs were big. he had a smile that said, im going to tear your limbs off.  and the leader was small, resembling a dwarf. his helmet had also a hammer miniature with the head pointing foward. he was the one holding the gun. looked like i had entered a battlefield.
” hi buru, zas been a month. ”
” night phantom, seems that i couldnt get you. ”
” yo’ll nevah. ”
the ganks started the gears of their motorbikes. as soon as i heard the first roar of their motors, i went out the road.  they took distance and went straight to each other, like they were clashing. and they did clashed, as they crossed, punches and kicks were launched aiming the adversary gank, it was almost like they were figthing each other to meet the target, and after five minutes or so of fight, they stopped.
” seems that it wont end today phantom. ”
” aye. i can say the same ”
the buru one buffed. as if it was nothing. and then said:
” we will meet again then phantom. and i will rip your head off next encounter. ”
” i wouldha like to see that bro. ”
” humph, until we meet then. ”
” till’e meet buru. ”
i was just looking at them, it looked like really unnecessary, since the two groups were travelers, why would they fight? that made no main sense, no, it didnt make any sense at all. they should be helping each other, but instead they’re trying to kill each other the best they can, and frankly, i mus comment on that buru’s aim. if his target was the Phantom guy, then how the hell he bullet came in my direction? i tried really hard to hold my laughter, but it was impossible, after such tension, and dramatic failure. i couldnt help myself but think all that happenings funny.
i started to laugh hard at all the situation, i couldnt help myself, it was so dense that i feel down to my knees laughing.
” wuzzahell? ”
” shees laughein! ”
” excuse, Mr. Traveler, why are you laughing? ”
” oh oh, oh my, im sorry. im really sorry, i couldnt help myself but laugh. ”
” wazza so funny? ”
” you all. ” i said, lies wouldnt help me there.
” dun screw with me eeaaa! ”
” i mean, no one ever landed a punch, either a kick, and all that dramatic air, im sorry, im really sorry. oh, and thank you for saving my life phantom. ”
” oh… yea, that was justcha mah way of doin things. ” he said bruising his head ” i dun wanna innocent people mixed up into our story gotcha? ”
” i guess. but i have some questions. ”
” wat? ”
” why were you fighting? ”
” ah, zat, there, do yo know where’a yo? ”
” the main road of the north lands right? ”
” yea, the gret crosser. ” he said, and started to look up to the dark night sky. ” but this is nawt just a road see? this is the very country to the people who couldnt fit their own we live her’an we faitha to show who’s bettcha between the many bikers gangs. ”
” is that so? so you guys fight for supremacy? ”
” wat iz shupremacee? ”
” when someone wants to be the mightiest,Phantom. ”
” ah, zat, thanks falcon. ”
by their helmets, you can identify their names. the one who is called falcon bears the helmet with a falcon there. the rhino one is called rhino and the other is bucket.
” the best biker gang somehow rules over the road, that is why we fight mr. traveller. ”
” in other words, you guys leave your country, and end here living the way you think best? ”
” sumthing like that travellar. ” said phantom.
” say travellar, about before. ”
” oh, sorry, didnt you wanted me to go out of your way? ”
” yea, i did, but sorry eeaaa, for mah impoliteness. ”
” its alright. ”
” see, we bikers gotcha to be tougha. ”
” i guess, i understand. ”
” thank ya travellar. we gotta go rite? ”
” yes, i also neet to go. ”
” see ya travellar. ”
” bye mad bikers gang. ”
” yea, bye ”
and we parted ways, i mean, they did, i just laid down on the grass laughing like crazy for some time.
such curious bunch right?

Road Encounter: Mad Bikers Gang – End