once i was on some snowy lands. and, in snowy lands getting water is less harder, but getting food is harder. in fact, we got to hunt for food. there i was in the middle of that white and hunting. when i found a person, such a person was indeed curious and i engaged on a conversation with him for some time, he was a traveler too.

Road Encounter – I am still…

snowy was the scenery, the sun shone silver and faint, the clouds at the sky made everything white trees with the green looking darker and a bit colorless, as if someone painted the world with a layer of gray and soft colors. it was indeed a sight to remember. i was in the middle of a hunting when i found a traveler sitting on the ground, he was looking to the ground, a bit gloomy but yet bearing some small happiness. i stared at him for some seconds and he looked back. smiling and then said.
” hello, what brings you into these lands? ”
” im traveling the world, arent you too? i can tell by your clothes. ”
” yes, i am still a traveler. im just making a stop, you know, traveling sometimes can be dangerous. ”
i remained silent, and he did too, smiling back. then i asked him.
” are you going somewhere? ”
” i dont know… ”
” hmm ”
” what about you fellow? ”
” i am, i am going to visit the country nearby. do you know something about it? ”
” no, i couldnt reach there in time. i was unlucky. ”
it was odd, he was talking in the past. as if he couldnt reach the country anymore.
” why dont you keep your walk. ”
” i cant anymore. ”
” why you cant? what does make you bind there? ”
” something stronger than me. ”
the man looked at me with his tender eyes and opened a smile again. i smiled back, this conversation was a bit odd, maybe he was just tired and needed some rest. i decided to sit there a bit to help him recover. i gathered some wood and went hunting. in no time i had everything ready to help him. but he said.
” thank you, but i cant arrive that country anymore. ”
” why you cant? ”
” something stronger than me, binds me here. ”
” what is it that binds you? are you hurt? ”
” no, i bear no wound friend traveler. ”
i remained silent, as i cooked and we talked about our travels, the man seemed to be sad about something, what was it? at that time i couldnt understand his reasons. and it become quite strange to me, even more, when i finished cooking the dish, it was a rabbit with some herbs i found laying. good for spices, as a traveler you must have nature knowledge too, its one of more important skills. the set of skills of survivability. the knowledge to survive in the most difficult times.
it saves the traveler from bad situations as, being with small water on the desert, or wandering snowy areas, being hurt and knowing how to treat. even cooking is important survivability knowledge.
when i started eating he just keep staring at me, i asked him many times if he wanted to eat, but he just responded.
” i dont need food anymore, i dont feel hunger. ”
it lasted a time, and as i finished my dish, he stood up and said:
“look, dont go by the road. you wont make it.” then he pointed to a cave entrance. ” you must go through that cave, it will leave you right into the road, next to the country’s wall. be sure to bring some torch with you to illuminate the way. ”
” why is that? ”
” the way is blocked, and you can get hit by a blizzard, if that happens you wont make it. ”
” but, what about you. ”
” i can no longer arrive that country ”
i looked at him, as i packed my pans and utensils. he gave me a smile, one that said, believe me, its better to you. i smiled back to him and said.
” thank you. ”
and with that, i stood up and parted my way through the cave, it was dry, cold, and dark, but with a torch it was nice. indeed at some point the cave had signals that it has been adapted to the use of humans, as a passage. i arrived the other side just to discover that the road has been blocked by a sliding of rocks, making the road disabled. arriving there wasnt any post nor anything to register. the people were around moving, everything was nice. this city was more a checkpoint to travelers rather than a place to visit. the main goal was the capital, some kilometers ahead.
the buildings were all made of wood, with a square on the center and on it a burning huge fireplace. making the city a bit more warm. i went to a inn, and the keeper was a elder. i remembered the traveler back at the forest and said:
” Mr. Innkeeper. may i speak something with you. ”
” what is it lass? ”
” there was a traveler sitting at the forest nearby the  passage, he is stuck there and cant leave. ”
” is that so? ”
” yes, he says that he can no longer arrive here. ”
” ah, my dear… come with me. i must show this to you. ”
the old man took me to the backyards of the small town, and there was a small tree with a grave on it and a cloak identical to the traveler’s, the grave reads:
” Rest in Peace, traveler at the road. may the spirit of the blizzard guide you back to the heavens. ”

Road Encounter – I am still… End