Story Three – Echoes of a Daily Life Song.

Day Two
i woke up then, it was morning already as i said, i would only stay for the night. i went downstairs just to find that the pretty lady was at the counter, and as she saw me, she looked at me and smiled. somehow her smile sent a chill down my spine, why that? she was pretty, her smile was tender, and there was no signal of hostility. why did a chill went down my spine? that city was weird. i was starting to realize it. when the kid came to me talking that. i didnt found that the city was weird. because, maybe it was just the kid kidding me, that is what kids do. they well… they are kids.
the innkeeper lady greeted me with a warm good morning after that. i smiled back and said:
” good morning miss. ”
” did you changed your mind? ” she asked
” no, i didnt, im going to get some supplies and set foot. ”
” oh, i see, but i thin you might change your mind. ”
” why is that miss? ”
” you will see. and i hope you do. we would love to have you around for the festival. ”
” oh, thanks, but i really must go. ” i said, and left the inn. it was starting to get a bit annoying, after all i had to go to the main city of this country in order to get a bit more of money. a traveler needs money too. and we get money by serving people favors, like hunting, gathering, or delivering, even helping at stores. i did that many times already and i can say, im a kind of a good salesperson.
i went to the armory, in search for bullets. and i was greeted by a robust man at the counter. the city didnt had any gun shop, so i went to the armory to see if i could find some bullets or at least take care of my steel utensils.
” hello traveler. ” he said.
” oh, hi, uhm, i would like to buy some bullets. im short in money so, any cheap one would be ok. ”
” ah, im sorry, i dont have bullets here, can i help you in any other way? ”
” could you check my utensils? ”
” of course, do you want maintenance to be done? ”
” if possible. ”
” it would take two days. ”
” but, i dont have this time, and how can you say it is two days? you didnt even checked my utensils. ”
” ah… its nothing. really. but is that ok. ”
” well, i cant wait two days, would you look at least at my knife? ”
” let me see it. ”
i showed him my best knife, it was in very good form, no maintenance would be necessary on it, but yet, he looked at me and said.
” there is nothing i can do here, but, i can make you a copy of it, it would take me two days. ”
” im short in money sir. ”
” nah, i can do that for free. dont you want it? ”
” no, thank you, its not necessary. ”
” you sure? i could even add some more durability on the copy. ”
” its nice of your person, but really, thank you. i got to leave. ”
” ah, you’re going to miss the festival. ”
” its alright, besides, im running low in money, i cant stay longer. ”
” you could help me here at the shop. ”
” nah, it would take longer to make money here than in the capital. i prefer to try the things out there. ”
” you sure? this town is still very visited. and the festival is full of fun. in fact, we are going to receive many tourists from the capital in those two days. ”
” i would be glad to stay, but really. im going. ”
” oh well, i hope you change your mind. ”
” thank you. but im really leaving. ” i said politely, and when i turned my backs i felt another chill going down my spine. it might be just my imagination. there was no way the man got angry at me just because i refused his offer to stay and work at the shop for a while. well, it would be a nice thing, but i doubt i could get as much as i would get at the capital.
i left then to the bakery, to buy some food to eat on my way, but suddenly, when i went out the store, it was night already. that was confusing. really confusing. it was morning a while ago, so how did the time passed by so fast?
i went to the bakery anyway. entering i was greeted by a man with a flat face tall with a bored expression.
” greetings customer. ”
” greetings Mr. ”
” would you like to taste our specialty. ”
” ah, not today, im on a hurry. ”
” you are? why, we are having a festival in two days. please stay a little longer to enjoy the festivities. ”
” i would love to join you all, but im short in money. ”
” not that it would be a problem. see, i could very well let you eat here for free during those days. ”
” oh, really thank you, but there is no need for it. im really leaving, i must get at the capital. ”
” you sure you’re leaving? its night and its dangerous to go the road away by night. ”
” i can handle, there is not much dangers that can get me by surprise. ”
” oh well, but you would love to see the festival, the pretty ladies, the people from outside, music and food, and drinks. there are games and storytelling. its so full of fun, i still think you should stay traveler. ”
” i would love to, but again, i have my affairs at the capital. and the capital isnt really my main destination. so im not staying, sorry. ”
” its alright. well then… ”
” by the way, i buying a sack of bread. ”
” here, take it, they’re free. ”
”  you sure? is it alright for me to take them away? ”
” yea, its not like they will make any fault here anyway. i have plenty and i sell plenty of them everyday. even more with the upcoming festival. ”
” i see, thank you. ”
” farewell traveler. ”
as i turned around, again i felt a chill down my spine. i decided that definitely there was something wrong about it, i was trying to understand by the point, but it would be useless, i just rushed my pace out of the town.
as i seet foot out of the town, it started to rain. the sky was cloudy, it was night and was dark. thunders were falling down. i put my raincoat on and keep on the road.
turning on, the road went upward. and i noticed a huge pound beneath it. and a bit in front, there was a man fishing protected by a umbrella. i looked for the town, but i saw none. as i passed by the fisherman i asked him.
” Evening Mr. Fisherman. ”
” evening traveler. ”
” uh, is there any town around this waterfall? ”
” there used to be one around, nowdays it resides right down at the bottom of the pound. ”
” oh, is that so? ”
” yes, during a festival, the waterfall overflowed and the town got drowned by the waters. in two days it will make fifty years since. and curious because, it was raining just like this on that day. ”
” oh… ”
astonished, and relieved i just said goodbye to the fisherman and set my way to the capital. such curious world.

Story Three – Echoes of a Daily Life Song End