Story Three – Together we are all alone

after a long time talking about many things with the shopkeeper, i left. it was night already and the sky was cloudy with a faint light coming from it. the moon was probably full to its brilliance pierce the clouds down to us. but still the streets were dark. and nobody to be seen. i wasnt concerned about it. walking the dark streets alone with the moonlight shining, it was just like down at the road. but with houses and light posts here and there. then, i felt that there was someone around, not just one person, but a small bunch. i felt no danger on it, but i got prepared anyway.
the bunch came, and, just passed by saying, ” good evening traveler. ” i found it very curious. there was about ten persons in the group, nothing abnormal about them. they were carrying paint and brushes, some had pencils and other things, there were ones carrying a bag on the backs and they were all happy to be. i didnt wondered about them, i just followed them.
” ah, a traveler is following us, it must be a signal of good luck. ” one of them said. i dont see exactly how do a traveler following you brings good luck, but maybe it was just their culture. or so…
they went to a alley and there they all sit, the alley had the walls painted with some crazy paintings, it had a nice air and there the people just started to play instruments and chat, they were drinking and some of them were drawing on the walls, i stood there thinking about it. then one of them said.
” ah, mr. traveler, come, you can join us if you want. ”
” thank you. ” i said ” can i? ”
” you’re welcome! ”
i joined them, there was some nice food, and the drinks were good, im not a drinking person, so i just took a small amount. the air was friendly and everyone was laughing and happy.
” so traveler, what are your impressions of this city? ”
” this city is quite curious, it seems that the people here prefer the commodity of staying at home. quite unusual too, because nobody ever leaves even to buy food. i wonder how do those people bought those robots. ”
” ah, they bought from the network. you know, because of the network they’re all alone trapped inside but at the same time, they’re all together. its kind of crazy. ”
” network? what is this network you say? ”
” the network is a invention created by some crazy man, who made the connection between the computers possible, this way the services are all inside the network. there is no need to leave anymore, because everything you need, you can have right at home. ”
” but… what happens if you need people? ”
” ah, those guys never needed people. people were mostly just a annoyance to them, and with those robots, if you need a medic or something like it, the medic’s robot will visit you. the only times they really leave home is when the healthy gets really need of treatment; the other one is when they’re dead. ”