Story Three – Together we are all alone

Part Two.

to visit a country where nobody ever leaved their homes, only for health matters, was something out of common. these people lived locked on their room, with the computer and pretty much everything they needed they could order from the network. their jobs were those of serving both at the town and over the network. nobody ever in any circumstances leaved their rooms. in fact, there was even something more curious, the little robots they controlled through their computers werent talk over the other cities i went. also, this city had a kind of end of day signal. people only had their robots out until a certain hour of the day, then, the robots would just be sent back to the homes. maybe to recharge? in this country i found a shopkeeper who hated this way of life, but he wasnt alone. there were this group of persons that went out at night to spend time together, maybe they were just like the shopkeeper.
i was enjoying the night with those folks, it was really a nice experience, to stay at the streets under the starry sky enjoying everything they could have. drinks, food, music, chatting and much more.
” so traveler, ” one of them said ” where do you plan to go next? ”
” nowhere in particular. ”
” ah, i wish i could go see the sea. and forget those walls and this place. ”
one of them said this while drinking a bottle of beer. the entire night was of music, games and drinks, i didnt stayed until its end, i had to return to the inn and sleep, a nice night of sleeping is important to a traveler, because the traveler must keep the focus on the road while walking, so he wont get astray. the worst thing being a traveler, it doesnt matter that you think about, is getting astray. how many travelers died just because they strayed a little bit from their way? the way is the traveler who traces, but once traced, the traveler must follow it until the destination arrives, if course, going astray might take you in new and exiting experiences and discoveries, but to that there is always a cost.
i went to the inn, and in my way i saw many young people around, not as the same amount of robots i saw by the day, but it was a certain number of people. what was curious was that, they were in real groups, as if they all made part of different kinds of culture. some where writing and reading, others playing instruments, singing, drawing, in short, every small group was doing some kind of art. i wished i could stay and learned a bit about each group, but by the time i was already so sleepy, i couldnt really stand much time awake.
arriving the innkeeper was still awake messing with the computer, i greeted him.
” good evening mr Innkeeper. ”
” evening traveler, did you had a good day? ”
” yes i did, it was enjoyable. ”
” nice to hear that, oh, you came back a bit late. ”
” dont worry, i ate in my way back. ”
” i see, so you did saw those vandals out there right? ”
” vandals… ah, you must mean those persons who go out at night. ”
” the very same, they’re all vandals, doing that to our city, scribbling those weird stuffs at our poor walls, and leaving the trash outside. they’re not sane, they’re not alright, just a bunch of rebel vandals. ”
” they didnt seemed as vandals to me. they were just enjoying the night and makind art on their own. ”
” you sure they didnt made anything to you? or are you drunk? ”
” i am not drunk, i only drinked a small cup. it takes much more to make me start getting drunk, as when i travel through cold lands i must drink those kinds to stay warm. ”
” reasonable traveler, but still, didnt you saw the way they gather? and then start drinking and eating, and so the fights stars and soon they are all acting like animals, that is why we take our robots out of the streets, its because of people like them. ”
” i understand, but they werent doing anything like that. ”
” maybe it was just because you returned too early. ”
” but you just said i was late. ”
” just listen traveler, they’re not good people, everyone in this country knows it. ”
i stayed silent for a while, looking at the angry face of the innkeeper and then i replied
” alright, i will take your advice. i will be sure to have more caution. ”
” you should traveler. those people are crazy. ”
i went to my room, in order to have a nice night of sleep, the next day i would leave to the store again so i could take my gun upgraded. at that night i didnt think about the day.