Story Three – Together we are all alone

Day Two/three

at the following morning i woke up and the sky was gray, it was dark and seemed that a rain was going to fall. i stared to the sky for a time, wondering if the sun would show up at any moment. it didnt, and, a bit disappointed, i stood up a changed clothes, while doing so i started to notice that, this country had two different parties living on it. no, better, they were not just two parties, and this wasnt just a single country. there were two countries at the same time, one living during the day, and the other living during the night. almost like they were shifting turns. but, they hated each other. why? i dont know. it is really unclear for me what brings them to hate each other. ones like to stay inside, the others, like to go outside, they dont even share the same location, as longs you put it as the streets. of course its the same country but none seemed to bring bad fame nor anything wrong to the country. they were just living different lifestyles in the same country and this, this kind of difference i never saw happening in any country.
i left the inn, quite puzzled myself about the case. it wasnt important to me to understand it at all, just learning the facts was enough for me. going straight to the gun shop without pause, the robots were all around with people showing on their screens, i wonder if it was like a game to them. bacause, seeing everything through the screen and controlling the robot with the computer, maybe that was why people never left home, or i was wrong at that time.
arriving the gun shop, the shopkeeper greeted me.
” morning traveler. your gun is ready, i changed the barrels and seemed that your grip was a bit old, so i swapped it. dont worry about the fee, consider it a present. ”
” oh, thank you. ” i said ” by the way, Mr. why do the people from inside think bad of those outside and the same to the other side? ”
” its bears no real meaning though, ones just dont like the way those who stay outside act, carefree, they have their own world. as the ones inside do. the people outside are upset, because the inside people dont know how to enjoy the things the nature and the world can give. and some irrational hatred, disguised in well picked arguments. ”
” but if its disguised in well picked arguments, doesnt it makes the irrational hatred rational? ”
” even if you put their arguments down, they will still hate those inside. its more like, i hate them, because they’re not like us. and, the same thing works to the opposite. ”
i stayed silent there wasnt anything for me to say. if they hated each other for such reasons, they still were into their rights.
” they’re just a bunch of kids who think that are adults now, nothing more. ”
” how about you? ”
” i do not bear any hatred against none. its just pointless to hate someone just because he likes what he likes. it doesnt makes anyone worse or better than anyone. nobody is worse, nobody is better, everyone is the same, from the inside core, to the outside layer. its stupid to just think you’re better than anyone. and, if im wrong, if there is something as people being better than others, then, why not to make a effort to turn those who are worse than you into people just equal as you? wouldnt it be better? if the differences we had were just cultural and mental? if everyone lived like there was no barrier, treating the others with respect and dignity? i just wonder why is it so hard to see. ”
the point of the shopkeeper was very  unreachable. the world was the way it was and wasnt ever going to change to what he thinks it would. its the nature of the humans, its hard to the majority to accept differences, and they start hatting people and putting the guilty of many events onto their backs, and the vengeful nature of the human beings would make them do the same thing, resulting into a conflict, without end. no, better, it would have a end. when one side were fallen on the ground, then there would be a end to the conflict. and maybe, maybe the conflict would keep on burning bright until the last one standing on the opposite side were given dead.
” isnt it just the human nature Mr. Shopkeeper? ” i said
” no, the human race wouldnt have reached this point if it were the nature of them. at some point, we started to turn against each other because of greed. but, i guess even animals do it sometimes. ”
” you think? ”
” yes, its not something that will change, ever. there is nothing we can do about it. because, even thought some people want to, there are those who can only see themselves, and their interests. rendering our race, selfish, self-centered, so many things making them just look about their profit, that they wont change. this is the new nature. we are not born with it, but we acquire it, out of our will ”
” you think its useless then? ”
” i do, im sorry young traveler. but i have no hope for this world, maybe with the next generation, who knows? ”
” but, the world is still beautiful because of it. ”
” you think so traveler? ”
” i do, i think that, the dark only makes the light more brighter. and the light, only makes the darkness darker. ”
” as if one completed each other? ”
” that is what i think. ”
” its a nice way to deal with the world, young traveler. ”
” thank you. ”
when we finished this conversation, the rain had fallen and the streets were all wet. it was end of noon, the night was slowly falling against the twilight. i went to a cafe to have a bite on some food, and through the way, i was thinking about seeing the people of the night. but was it worthy? wouldnt they act just like the innkeeper, but with opposite hatred? even though it was clear that they would act just as i was thinking of. i couldnt just let them pass, knowing their point would be important to my learning of this country too.  i left the coffee with the intent of finding them.
i took my time and stared at the sky while i was waiting for those people to show up.
and with the night, they showed up at the streets, in great numbers just as yesterday. i was wondering why they couldnt just stay at the streets during day too, would it be difficult to share the streets?
” ah, traveler, there you are again, so, are you enjoying the city? ”
” this is a curious place, im still learning about here. ”
” ah, so you’re trying to learn about our country?  ”
” i do, its very curious, because, there are you people, who goes out to roam the streets at night, and there are the people who stay locked at home and send the robots to roam the streets during day. i noticed too that you both dont like each other. ”
” its not like that. ”
i stayed silent looking to the sky
” its not like that, traveler, its much more like, they never do something for our country, all they care is about themselves. they sell services to the outside people, and never do anything to the country. the people maintaining the internal part are us. we work day by day to ensure that our country is still working as a normal country. to ensure that we still have services being  to ourselves. ”
” but, if they work for the outside, and you work for the inside, doesnt it makes your country balanced? you both are working together. even though you dont want to be. ”
and with that, the people just sighed. and then they said.
” maybe you’re right traveler. but, there is still something about then that doesnt seems right. ”
” i hope you guys discover what is it. ”
” arent you staying with us tonight? ”
” no, today i got to go sleep early, tomorrow is my last day here, and i must sleep well. i will be leaving by morning. ”
” ah, farewell traveler. ”
” thank you. ”
i left to the inn, to ensure i had a nice night of sleep. as i arrived not much late, the innkeeper didnt said a thing, just keep himself focused onto the computer’s screen.
i had a nice night of sleep and at morning of the following day i leaved. to my surprise, there was a bunch of people waiting me at the gates.
” morning traveler. ”
” morning. ” i said.
” i hope you have a safe trip, here, take this amulet, one of our artists made it, he said it was made to bring you good luck into the road. ”
” thank you i will keep it safe. ”
” i hope you have a nice trip traveler. not just me, but everyone. ”
” oh, wait. why are you… oh my you guys seems to be so sleepy. ”
” its because we didnt sleep last night. we always like to stay up, so we can see the sunrise. ”
that explained why they only went out at night. they used the day to sleep.

Story Three – Together we are all alone – END