do you believe in faeries? i mean do you believe in anything that is hardly explainable? there is a forest road around the world who is knew because of the huge number of travelers getting lost, and a huge number of travelers dying inside this forest. i dont know exactly what makes you get lost into it. those kind of tales are quite common in this world. they’re all over it. we got many ghost stories, that science cant explain. and the only explanation to them is magic. and some times, ghosts. once a old lady told me, that the humans have the strongest willpower of all the living creatures. so strong, that it keeps then alive even after the death of the body.

Road Encounter – Lost in the Green.

it was dark night. i was walking down the road without care. the sky was cloudy but not covered, and the moon was shining crescent, as if it was a single string. the surroundings of the road were dark, and there were many trees, as expected from the entrance of a forest. its said, that the travelers are protected by something, so that no curses nor spells will work on them. this maybe is truth to some of us, but not all of us are lucky enough. entering a forest at night is dangerous, due to many elements to consider, varying from thieves, to haunts. a good traveler, will always believe in reason, and emotion, in the explainable, and in the supernatural. because no one see what we, travelers see. its almost like we are a few folk picked by fate to see another face of the world.
at the entrance of the forest there was a old lady, she had a hood covering her face, a way i could only see her mouth. the woman had a weird air. i cannot explain this feeling i had, it was if… i was instantly scared of her but then, attracted at the same time, i felt a chill, but the chill was weak and her presence brought a air of peace around. it was a really weird feeling.
the old woman looked at me from the distance, and when i got nearby. with her old, tired and tremulous voice.
” evening, traveler. ”
i politely responded her ” evening miss. ”
” are you well aware of where are you going? ”
” yes i am madam ”
” would you care to share? ”
” ah, sorry, i dont like to say anything about my destinations. ” there is a saying on those lands, that teaches: at night, there is no telling of who is alive and who is not.
” its alright traveler, i understand. ”
” thank you madam. ”
” careful with this forest. many travelers got lost inside it. and many never came back to the outside. ”
” i will be, thank you again, madam. ”
i went in, without worries, for me at the start it was just a regular forest at night. nothing to worry. the trees were tall, but, somehow inside the forest they seemed to be taller than normal, the moonlight was being totally blocked by the top of the trees. i lit my lantern, and something in my mind made me prepare a amulet to me. it consisted into a piece of bread with salt. travelers always carry salt with them. always, but we do not use it for the food, we use other things to make our food spicier. our salt is only used in situations of supernatural danger. as we are a kind without home, that roam the world endlessly, we cant afford to be careless about the supernatural, many do, and that is why many travelers die. be careful of everything, even things that supposedly do not exists.
as i entered the forest, the smell of the trees started to make me feel dizzier and dizzier as i entered. and i started to see a small human figure with wings floating on the air. it was glowing, i decided to go on the opposite way. one thing must be spoken here, if you follow the supernatural, be aware that not always the outcome of the things are good. even more if you start to get suspicious of faeries.
but it was of no use, the way i took seemed to be long, and it felt as if i was walking on the same place, the ground was moving, but i felt that i was not. i was starting to get more and more dizzier. until i found a bifurcation. the bifurcation seemed like two mouths, wide open waiting for me. it made me a bit scared, not only for the looks of it, but that something was wanting me to chose a patch already. i chose to not go into any of those ways, and tracked my way back to the point i saw the faerie. i took my knife and made a marking on the tree. and walked through the way the supposed faerie went, making a marking every time i found necessary. so i could make sure i was backtracking the right way.
down the way i found a clearing. in the clearing there was a small basket. i felt like checking the basket but, it would probably trigger something. and the smell was making me feel even more dizzier. i looked to the ground to make a break and when i stood my head up i saw a small glowing ball behind the tree. i went there, by instinct.
my hands were shaking, my eyesight was starting to blur, i was scared, dizzy, and somehow very tired. the glowing ball appeared in random intervals, and each tree it appeared next i made a carving. so i could backtrack my way.
then i found a small house in the middle of the forest. there was that old lady of the entrance. i felt like i was dammed.
” oh, hello again traveler. ”
” hello madam. ”
” are you by any chance lost? ”
” no madam, i came here just in search of some mushrooms. ”
” ah, i see, you must be tired. ”
” oh, madam, yes i am, but its nothing. ”
” do you know the way out? ”
” yes i do madam. ”
” you really do? ”
” yes madam. ”
” kekekeke, i see, dont you want to rest a bit? it would help you in your way by tomorrow ”
” thank you madam. i will accept your offer. ”
if you suspect of supernatural, coming from anything. just make sure you dont say anything that may make you look lost. they like the lost, because they can guide you to the other world.
and make sure to be polite and treat them well, if they offer something. just accept, but, if they start talking of something like a contract, have a excuse ready to use.
i sleep into her shelter, and i had a weird dream about a house in the middle of the forest. and a lady merchant who came by. she was tricked by the faeries and got lost. finding a house.
she sleep into the house and by the night, the faeries harvested her soul rendering her body mummified in terror. seeing the scene i woke up scared and trembling. all sweaty.
when i woke up i found that the house i sleep was empty, dusty, and all messed up. and, in the corner of the house. there she was, a mummy of a hooded lady. i just looked at it. trying to not panic. i stood up, took my belongings, went to the front of the mummy and said.
” thank you miss. i had a nice night of sleep. ”
then i went out of the house just to find out that, some meters ahead there was the exit of the forest.
isnt this world curious?

Road Encounter – Lost in the Green – END