not everything is flowers and tranquility while you’re traveling. im just lucky for the most people i meet to be nice, but from times to times, we find people who want to score something out of you. for then you’re just a prey, and they are the hunters. travelers are, and will always be the preferred targets, we have no family, we have no country, we have nowhere to return, and nowhere to go. but, because of that, we travelers become wild as the most feral beast. there was a time when i thought i was done for. when i meet a kind of people who live of the death of the others.

Road Encounter – My life is not yours, for the taking.

i was traveling through a silent and far road in the middle of nowhere. the road was long and there was no country between. around all you could see was a desert, not a sandy desert, but more a rocky desert still with lots of sand, but rocky, the floor all full of cracks and the main color was yellow. but it wasnt a nice day, from the beginning, the light coming from the sun was dim, and the wind was blowing nonstop making a sandstorm rage into that area.
the sight line was short, poor visibility and strong wind blowing the sand with real force. i had to wear protections for my face, and to put my goggles on. the instructions for those kind of events is to keep moving on, slowly. because if you stay at somewhere, you might end buried into a sand pile, if you try to move fast, you will be struggling the wind, and the sands, and this will make you waste your energy faster than you should. so the important thing is to move slowly, taking small breaks from time to time, and shutting tight all your pots. making sure no sand enters into your bags and by all means, not opening your water can, or sack. sand might flow into it.
the sandstorm was strong, it was making rips on my cloak, which wasnt making me any happy. but, i started to see blur figures moving stealthy. they were eight, and they were all probably men.
i suddenly stopped looked at the sky and said.
” such a luck… ”
as i said so, suddenly my body moved by itself swiftly, avoiding what would be a gunshot, less than a second after, i drew my gun a shoot, acclaiming a kill, the bullet flew right to the head of the former shooter. i duck, a knife flew above my head, i rolled once, then my body made me roll twice, avoiding a gunshot, another roll, another gunshot, i stood up and jumped back, and another gunshot he missed, i shot, no hits, and as fast as i could i started to move.
a knife flew, i shot it, then i shoot again, acclaiming a kill. and right in front of me there was a rock. i jumped to its side and rolled to get cover, a gunshot flew by my cloak, making a hole that lasts until nowdays.
i felt someone standing right behind me, then, a chill, i pushed my elbow against him, he jumped backwards and threw a knife, i rolled in the ground and shoot twice, hitting his arms and his neck.
” this target is tough ” one of them said. i followed his voice and a bullet flew into his head.
” dammit, we better run. ”
the eight figures ran away. letting me alone. i just stayed there, ready to shoot, but nothing came. they really ran away. i followed my way without looking back. there is a saying here it tells ” back your steep to the were danger lied, and the danger will mimic you. ”

Road Encounter – My life is not yours, for the taking. end