im a person who doesnt know how to play any instrument, to the date i have tried many instruments. i also have tried my voice, but its not a real beautiful voice that people would enjoy enough to gather in order to listen to it. i like to sing and to whistle when im on the road, it makes the trip more enjoyable and easier, but, there are people, many people around the world that does get the ways with instruments, they can perform songs like real angels, and as there are people in the world with the voice of a angel. i once, visited a city where most poeple were musicians. everyone knew how to handle a instrument, and all of them were valued, even the simplest instrument had the equal respect as the more complex one. they all loved their lifestyle, and being all of them friendly, that country was a constant target of travelers waves, many of us went there to see the people performing.

Story Five – In the land of music.

from the start, this land was curious, and i knew it already, the road was packed with travelers from everywhere. they all were coming to see the festival of music. the biggest attraction of this small country of musicians. it was said that everyone had musical talent into these lands, be it instruments, voice or even composition. everything that had a piece in music this country had to offer.
the sun was shining dim, and there were fluffy clouds on the sky, which was sparking a strong tune of blue, the wind was blowing constantly and the grass was following it. the trees were swinging their branches together with the wind as if they were dancing. the leaves who flew by danced into the air too. the atmosphere was perfect, making anyone tired from a long journey refreshed and ready to keep on going.
from far i could notice red walls made of stone. at the gates there was a presentation of a chord quartet. they were playing a merry music to distract the travelers while they waited for their turn to fill the papers. it seemed that the city was receiving many guests for this festival, i was really concerned about the inn rooms, if you get too late, all the rooms might end being taken and you would need to sleep in your tent.
how to describe the gates? red rectangular stones made the walls solid and consistent, in the top of the walls many small banners were wavering in the wind, there was a terrace in its top with some small houses, the smell coming from then was awfully delicious, they were restaurants. covering the gates there was a huge ceiling probably to protect the visitors from rain and strong sun. there were two small fountains on each side of the gates, and five office posts to attend faster the demand. the main economy of this country would be probably sightseeing. the gates were made out of something that i could only identify was steel, it was painted in blue and green in contrast to the red walls. there was the figure of two musical notes on them, i dont understand about music so i cant tell you exactly what notes they were.
i sat down on the ground to enjoy the presentation. when someone came at me and said:
” it seems that its going to take a while until we get in, dont you think? ”
” oh, yes, but there is something to enjoy until then, nothing to worry about. ”
” and the wind is blowing so fresh, isnt it? ah, its like the festival has already started. ”
” haha, thats true. everything is looking just nice. ”
i chatted with that traveler for a while until my turn came, as i went to the office post, i just noticed something. it was packed with instruments.
” sorry for the inconvenience, most travelers are bringing their instruments as well, and they all need to be tuned. so its taking a while, so, how many days are you going to stay here? ”
” can you let that open? ”
” ah, yes i can, as longs you’re not going to stay a month. ”
” nah, um not planning to stay this long time, thank you. i came just for the festival. ”
” i see, do you play any instrument? or are you by any chance a singer? ”
” no sir, i bear no instruments, nor i am a singer. ”
” thats bad, well, anyway, be welcome to our country, have fun and enjoy your stay. ”
i passed into the gates, the insides of the country were all gorgerous, the houses were colorful in a great diversity of colors, from strong colors, to weak ones, the trees were in every corner and some streets were covered with them, the entrance square had stores around it and even had a cafe there. a great statue of a person holding a flute, probably their founder, many people were around. the streets were all decorated in high mood to a huge party, just seeing the energy flowing out from it was making me feel anxious about the whole thing.
i looked as fast as i could for a inn, many of them were already without vacant rooms. but i found one small and charming, painted in pale blue with a cafe as its neighbor. i went into the inn, and i was greeted by a girl who was messing with a trumpet.
” noon traveler, would you like a place to stay over? ”
” yes please. i wish i could stay until the end of the festival. ”
” it would be a pleasure. ”
” i dont got much to spend so… ” the woman didnt let me finish my sentence
” its not a problem, for the festival i am making special low prices to travelers. i know you guys came from far just to see it. dont you? ”
” ah, yes. thank you ”
she got me a nice room, turned to the neighbor cafe, the view from it was also nice, the houses were shorter than the inn, so i could ser far. i noticed that, this country had many squares. all around it, it looked like a country were people liked to hand outside together in order to have fun.
i could have stayed into the inn for the rest of the day, but my intentions were not to just enjoy the festival, they were of learning about this countries cultures and values too, it seemed like a friendly place, full of nice people, packed with them, from the start it looked like it.
i went out from the inn and directed myself to a square nearby, i noticed two things in my way. shops, they were everywhere, in at least each five houses, one would be a shop, two, trees, the country had plenty of them everywhere, many trees towering the streets blending with the colorful scenery of houses. those two things made me realize nothing at all, it was a really comfortable country. the next thing i noticed was the lamps, they all had at their tops musical notes featured in the back of the light holder part. they were all painted in gold, i wonder if there was any reason to them be painted in gold, they were well positioned, leading the streets to have a nice illumination at night. most streets were wide, wider than this country’s amount of people would need. perhaps their main activities were tourism. the third thing i noticed was when i arrived the square, not quite the third, i noticed many things at once when i arrived.
one was the fountains, each square seemed to have its own fountain and they were not small, they were big fountains. the squares had some small open buildings, as if offering a ceiling to when rain falls. so people wouldnt need to go back home when the water start to fall from the sky. the squares were well cared, the grass was all green, and well treated, the fountain had crystalline water running, the buildings were painted in white without any flails.
there were indeed many people into the square, and yes, they were playing music, a perfect melody, as they played others enjoyed the music while chatted. other thing i noticed, seems that, every square around has the hold of a cafe, and it seems that the cafe attends outside, just at the square, as if the square were part of the cafe, no, better, the cafe were part of the square.
the squares had many benches, but more curious, there were many tables and chairs to sit and enjoy, they came in diverse forms, big ones, to fit  a lot of people at once, to those for people who just want to sit and enjoy a small cup of coffee. the benches also had by its arms, plain long structures to put cups and dishes in, the squares were all designed and projected to be comfortable and to hold many people.
i sat down to enjoy the people playing the music, i just sat at a bench turned to them, and when a fat man with a kind face wearing a red hat came at me holding a booklet and saying:
” would you like something? ”
i opened the booklet, and it was a menu for the cafe, there were many kinds of coffee to chose, from kinds i never heard of, to the coffee milk, and you could chose the a wide variety of beans, there were ice creams, and a nice variety of foods.
” i think, i would like to have a slice of vanilla cake, with a cup of vanilla tea. ”
” fitting, ah. ”
” yea, i just love vanilla. ” and i really do. the soft taste of vanilla, the light feeling it brings. its simply the best.
” i will bring ya right away.”
after some minutes, the man came back with the slice of cake and a teapot.
” how much it will cost. ”
” we decide it later when you’re leaving, just stop at the cafe. ”
” i will. but, Mr. how is it to work at the cafe attending people at the square? ”
” i dont know how is it not serving people at the square. back into ten years, there were no cafes over the squares, but then, the people of the cafe association though that, we could make the experience of a square better. as our country were of musicians, and of course, people like to play instruments with other people, most people do. so, knowing that, we just had a idea of each one of us moving to a square end opening a cafe there. we talked with the govern and they approved our idea. we also talked about taking care of the square. now, each neighborhood near a square takes care of them together, so it keeps healthy and beautiful. the cafe helps, bringing extra money into. this way, we got the streets safer, the squares more enjoyable, and the people happier. it worked pretty well here. ”
” hm, that was indeed a great idea Mr. ” i said ” so you are the owner of this cafe. ”
” yes i am, and im very proud of it. bringing people together and serving them, making their joy even better, this is real nice. ”
” it was always like this? even before the idea? ”
” ah, people from our country usually played together already. but night drawing, they went home, and many played alone inside. our country has this culture of music. singers and musicians, we all are. its the way we find to keep the pace happy, easy, and enjoying. we have not much problems of sadness, and crime was always so low. and nowdays it tends to zero. in fact, the govern doesnt having to worry about the squares, it could take better care of the streets, and the idea of coffees echoed. and now, the streets are packed with shops, and the shops are responsible for a part of the streets care. the citizens are almost taking care of the streets by themselves nowdays, as part of a contract with the govern. and the govern by its turn. can take the money who would be used with the streets to take better care of other aspects, and also, the people. ”
” its certainly wonderful ” i said
” all thanks to our culture. ”
seems that the people from this country are real glad about not only their music, but also, about their streets. the music for them, is not for being played alone inside home. but played with everyone at the streets, so they can enjoy together and make more bounds. to be boundless is nice, but there are bound who make people happier, and as they do, they get stronger together.
probably that was what i learned from today. this is part of this country’s philosophy.
i finished my cake and went to the cafe in order to pay my bill, it was surprisingly cheap. the man told me that, there was no taxes for the cafes, as they were in hold of the square, serving the country already. it made me, and my pocket glad.
when i went back to the inn, it was night already. and yes, there were people playing music and having fun at the square. i took a breath and said
” yup, this is a good place. ”
and went into the inn to have a nice night of sleep.