Story Five – In The Land of Music

Day Two

i woke up the next morning a bit late. its unusual to me to oversleep, but it was autumn and the sky was cloudy, the sun was shining faintly a silver tune over the lands, and the roof of the houses was being batched by its light. it was probably going to rain, as the temperature was cold. and also, that was the main reason i oversleep that night. i didnt jumped off the bad as i usually do. i stayed there looking at the scenery by the window for some time. in fact, i have spent the whole morning, watching the scenery, the people moving on the streets, the gathering of musicians at the square, and the currents of the life in this town. it wasnt a small town, it was a really huge town. but still, the peaceful pace the people’s life beard was so charming and calming. almost as if this huge town was made of small towns living in peace with each other. i watched without feeling the smallest rush, their lives was slow and quiet. everyone lived in happiness here. i started to wonder if there was someone here who didnt liked the pace of this town, as it was so relaxing that energetic people wouldnt like to live here. but then, i just stopped, it was useless to think of something like that.
at noon i finally changed my clothes and went out. going out of the inn, the innkeeper asked me the following:
” do you know what our festival is about? ”
” nope. ” i said
” well did you saw the big statue at our entrance? the festival is in honor to our founder. The Hope Singer. ”
” why do you call him The Hope Singer? ”
” the old story says that our people are descendants of refugees, it is told like that: there were three countries fighting over a gold mine. the mines were huge and went far, packed with gold, it is what people says. the former country of our ancestors was being destroyed, and while the war raged, people stayed together into underground shelters. the people inside the shelters were all sad, and lacked hope. the scene was tragical, and many innocents died over the war. because just a few people could use the shelters, the others who could made into, were left do die. but one of the shelters had a man who was bearing something that most people was thinking useless. some object that would help in survival, and would end being just a burden. the man was a musician, and this object was a flute. one day, the ground started to shake, and people started to fear if the shelter would be strong enough to support. some of then had fear of it being the enemy forces invading the town. then the man started to play a calming song, the people at the start felt annoyed. but the kids were the first ones to feel better with the music, they all gathered around the musician to listen to it. soon, the adults stopped complaining, and even with the ground shaking, they stopped with the fear. then slowly the man started to swap the tunes, into a music of hope, something to raise the people’s moral, the kids again were the firsts, and they started to feel more alive again, it renewed the people will. but a bomb fell, and part of the shelter’s ceiling opened. no one died, because everyone was feeling good and could avoid the rocks falling. they saw the sky, it was blue and the sun was sparking even with the war raging. the man with the flute stood up, and playing a tune of courage, he started to walk to the outside of the shelter. people saw him walking out, even with the war flames. he didnt came back, he just keep walking his way out. and as people realized that he wasnt coming back, as people realized that he was going out the shelter to escape from the horror of the war, they stood up and followed the melody. and the man played the song, making people feel good, even thought the bombs were falling nearby them, even with the smokes and earthquakes, even with the houses being destroyed. the man leaded the people of the shelter through his music. out of the war, and they followed him to far away from the war lands. to these fair plains. the man was already so tired. when they arrived this actual place, the man just stopped playing his music and said: ” ah, this was the place i was going? seems nice. ” and he fainted on the spot. people couldnt do anything about him, and he died there. not knowing his name, people made a grave to him were is the actual statue, and named him The Hope Singer. ”
” so, he leaded people out of the shelter, to face death’s face, not knowing what he was doing, to far away lands? ”
” yes, but he also raised people’s hope, he leaded people’s morale, even though it would be salvation by accident. he saved those people. and that is what matters. that is why we honor him. ”
” ah… so, how is the festival? ”
” our best flautist will lead us to the main square, in front of the govern palace. while playing the song of hope, its a two hours walk. and while people follow him, we sing the song’s lyrics. arriving there, the flautist will sit at the center of the square, to rest. we have a five minutes silence break. and during those five minutes, the city goes into total darkness. then minimal lights around the main square are lit. and we party until the skies start to show signals of daybreak. then we stop, and the lights goes off again. we all sit and the flautist stands up and plays the Song of Daybreak until the sun breaks through the hills, and we start to party until twilight. ”
” wow its a quite long party. ”
” indeed, its a nonstop party. ”
” im exited. ”
” you should, we all are going to need extra energy to get through it. its lots of fun traveler, you’re going to love it. “